Readers sink teeth into A Bite of China

2012-06-26 13:05:38

The popular TV documentary series A Bite of China has gone into print. A full-color book with the same title was recently released in Beijing.

The voice of a generation

2012-06-26 10:18:16

Xu Zechen discovers his niche as a writer, distancing himself from the shadows of his predecessors and successors.

Romancing the stones

2012-06-25 14:49:02

Spaniard uses Beijing store to share her jewelry from across the world, Zhang Lei reports.

Water lovers get ready, set, row

2012-06-24 07:40:45

Rowers from all over China compete in traditional dragon boat races to celebrate Duanwu Festival

Chinese calligrapher Deng holds exhibit in NE China

2012-06-19 17:18:48

Visitors appreciate the calligraphy works created by Chinese calligrapher Deng Chenglong in Changchun.

Designing history

2012-06-20 09:37:22

The man who led the construction of Mao Zedong's final resting place reveals his secret mission's details.

When Sichuan shook

2012-06-19 07:49:33

Two photo albums about the 2008 earthquake explore the disaster and its aftermath, including the recovery.

Fur weather friends

2012-06-17 07:47:31

Most people think furs are for winter, but young designer Xiao Qing has a different idea. Her latest creation is a handbag, which is inspired by the mysterious ocean at night.

All fired up

2012-06-18 10:34:16

A job-hunting TV show that has stirred controversy by criticizing students who have returned from studying abroad has had to rethink its attitude.

Shanghai remains a charming film capital

2012-06-16 08:01:57

There is no better place in China than Shanghai to play host to a grand film festival.

Don't judge a 书 by its cover

2012-06-15 08:47:29

书 (shū) first appeared as an Oracle Bone inscription meaning "to write."

Folk artists get due honor

2012-06-15 10:26:37

For the first time, folk craftsmen and artists from all over China have received national recognition for passing down their traditions.