Observing beauty and being creative

2013-08-08 10:21:43

Have you ever observed the bark of any tree closely and has it ever occurred to you that it can be a creative piece of art?

Delusional 3D painting in Beijing

2013-08-08 09:25:08

Children are attracted by a delusional 3D ground painting during the Qianmen Historical Culture Festival in Beijing, capital of China, Aug 7, 2013.

Chinese seed sprouts in US culture

2013-08-06 10:40:54

When Anchee Min came to the United States in 1984, she spoke little English. She had barely slipped through on a student visa granted by an American consul impressed with her "crazy determination" - a decidedly American trait, she recalls in her new memoir The Cooked Seed.

Globalization of Chinese culture a hot topic

2013-08-06 10:16:20

Are the Palace Museum, Peking Opera and Great Wall outdated symbols of Chinese culture when it comes to appealing to an international audience?

Passionate performers

2013-08-04 08:10:56

Wuqiao in China's Hebei province has long been a center for acrobatics, attracting people from across the country eager to learn the physical craft.

Natural creations

2013-08-04 08:12:54

Hainan calligraphers pen works to support island's environment

To Live gets a life on German stage

2013-08-02 13:32:44

After a highly acclaimed tour around China last year, avant-garde director Meng Jinghui's latest work To Live, featuring A-list comedian Huang Bo and award-winning film actress Yuan Quan, will make its overseas debut in Germany in early 2014.

Chinese Children's Painting Competition on environment

2013-08-01 15:24:34

Winners of Chinese Children's Painting Competition on the Environment Unveiled

Heat damages Summer Palace statues

2013-07-31 09:17:06

Fluctuating temperatures have damaged several Buddha statues in Beijing's Summer Palace, park authorities said Tuesday.

Legendary fighter remembered

2013-07-30 10:16:06

On July 21, 1973, kung fu legend Bruce Lee died. Since then, the man has remained an inspiration for kung fu lovers around the globe.

Kong Fu connections

2013-07-30 00:36:14

He straddles two cultures and plays a bridging role, and his introduction to all things Chinese was through a legendary kung fu hero. He tells Sun Ye who and what brought him to China.