Sheep in Christmas costumes

2011-11-24 15:43:02

Children follow sheep wearing Christmas costumes at a promotional event for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

Dancing shadows

2011-11-23 09:47:43

Ballet dancers perform during a rehearsal of the Negative Variate idea by Moholy-Nagy in Budapest November 22, 2011.

A key instrument of changing times

2011-11-23 08:08:24

Russian pianist Galina Chistiakova says she has never experienced anything like the 16 days she spent in Guangdong province's Shenzhen city.

The cost of commercialization

2011-11-22 11:21:12

While the art industry was once filled with "starving" artists, well-known artists can now afford decadent lifestyles.

Following the script

2011-11-22 11:20:55

Cai Guoqiang's latest exhibition, in Doha, underlines the connections between China and the Arab world.

Handcrafted Christmas decorations

2011-11-23 10:19:09

Handcrafted Christmas tree decoration are displayed at the International Glass Art Center in Meisenthal, North Eastern France, November 22, 2011.

Stamp exhibition posts a profit

2011-11-22 07:57:16

The 1896 Red Revenue 3c stamp, one of the four rarest stamps in China's history, was sold for 782,000 yuan ($123,060) at an auction held by Shanghai Hosane Auction Co Ltd during The 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition, in Wuxi, on Nov 13.

Changing frames

2011-11-21 09:22:42

Asian contemporary art is undergoing a transformation, the genre's first US curator says.

What's new

2011-11-23 08:08:24

Pioneering dancer and choreographer Wang Yabin has recently concluded the third full production of her studio, Expecting with Faith.

The silk road visitor

2011-11-18 10:29:38

He is one of the world's top musicians, but Yo-Yo Ma approaches fame with a rare humility that spurs both his imagination and creativity.

One in a million

2011-11-18 11:09:04

Taiwan was experiencing a lull in its music scene when Yoga Lin made a splash with his fresh, distinctive voice.

Halin is flying high

2011-11-18 11:00:55

Known as the "Mongolia Enya" and a real-life princess, the singer is about to make her debut on the Beijing stage.