Decorative dots speak volumes

2014-02-23 11:43:52

The iconic bindi is an important facet of traditional Indian culture from which artist Bharti Kher draws inspiration for her creations.

Buddhist paintings

2014-02-21 15:15:11

A distinctive genre of art history, Buddhist paintings are largely of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

Colorful wonderland

2014-02-21 14:26:10

Croatian-born artist Ana Tzarev's solo exhibition Wonderland engages viewers with an immersive experience combining nature and technology, reality and illusion.

Better by design

2014-02-09 08:38:58

Simplicity, naturalness and functionality are the hallmarks of interior architect Elliott Hambrook's blueprints.

Shattering a stereotype

2014-02-09 08:40:31

A joint exhibition at Guangdong Museum recreates the history of the Lingnan area, helping to dispel a barbaric misconception in the process.

Painting a legendary life

2014-02-05 10:29:57

For almost a year, Li Bin, a painter from Shanghai, has buried himself in piles of books and DVDs about the life of Nelson Mandela.

Spring Festival celebration at Beijing temple fair

2014-02-01 10:32:59

Performers take part in a parade during a temple fair to celebrate the Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, in Beijing, capital of China.

Slowdown, and awaken your dreams

2014-01-24 07:34:04

If you believe in fairy tales, go to Beijing's Sanlitun area to discover a red fox's wonderland-a secret garden of cartoon-themed installations.

Dancers take Silk Road story to Europe

2014-01-25 11:23:43

Taking inspiration from the history of the Silk Road and Dunhuang murals, the Chinese dance drama Silk Road gives European audiences a taste of adventure.

A family's history brought to life

2014-01-22 07:18:48

A Chinese family in New York learns more about its ancestral history in the process of preparing a museum exhibition.

Painting the past

2014-01-22 09:26:55

Two artists have dedicated their lives to reproducing the Dunhuang murals, capturing some of the glory of the Tang Dynasty.

Gravity, Hustle top nods

2014-01-18 07:54:49

Academy lists its darlings and makes some surprising snubs