Denim goddess

2011-07-10 07:48:52

Michelle Siwy has a passion for denim and her offbeat designs have already caught the eye of the chic chicks of Hollywood.

The ways of the I-Ching

2011-07-10 07:49:23

Sabbatini's art draws inspiration from the spiritual realms.

Demystifying Tibet

2011-07-08 08:11:12

Writer Tsering Norbu says he wants to present the faith, tolerance and courage in Tibetan culture to the world.

An unusual thriller for crime fans

2011-07-08 08:11:12

In what its editor called a publishing first, 26 authors have joined forces to write a thriller called No Rest For the Dead.

Aravind Adiga's new wrecking ball of a novel

2011-07-08 08:11:12

Feuds over property and deadly clashes over land are as much a part of India's economic rise as call centers.

What's new

2011-07-08 08:11:12

The Mobo Art Gallery in eastern Beijing is hosting two solo shows of realistic oil painter Wu Jinghan and veteran ink artist Yuan Bo.

Opening up the story of Deng Xiaoping

2011-07-08 08:11:12

Hello, Xiaoping! is a multi-media theater drama about Deng Xiaoping and his seminal contributions to the modernization of China through reform and opening-up.

A sight and sound spectacular

2011-07-08 08:11:12

Joe Hisaishi will present his best-known movie scores at a concert in Beijing, dedicated to children who suffered in Japan's March earthquake.

Rocking in the relics of Xi'an

2011-07-08 08:11:12

Hundreds of domestic and international music acts of various genres will storm six relics parks in Shaanxi's provincial capital Xi'an.

Threads to the past

2011-07-07 09:01:51

The Shanghai Sewing Machine Shop, once renowned for the sale of one of the country's oldest brand of sewing machines, Butterfly, reopens.

Tibet exhibition in Beijing rings the changes

2011-07-06 07:46:07

The Exhibition Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet is hold at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing.

What's New

2011-07-05 07:58:37

The first Exhibition of Caricature on People's Livelihood has opened at the Sunshine International Art Museum in Beijing's Songzhuang Art Zone.