Artist of the handmade fan

2012-05-15 15:00:29

Zhao Qiaofa never imagined traditional fans would bring the winds of change to his life.

On paper wings

2012-05-15 14:00:29

Lei Xiangsheng - aka, Siberian Butterfly - blazes new territory with his homoerotic paper-cutting.

Sculpture by Chinese artist unveiled in LA

2012-05-14 16:01:00

For the first time since the first transcontinental railroad in the United States was created 143 years ago, a sculpture was unveiled at the Union Station in Los Angeles Saturday to pay tribute to the Chinese railroad builders.

Tuning in, sounding out

2012-05-11 11:11:37

China might not have the world's best symphony orchestras, but it has the world's fastest growing symphonic scene.

Stuck on psychocandy

2012-05-11 09:36:47

The Jesus and Mary Chain explored the essence of rock and roll with its first album, Psychocandy, in 1985.

Festival on a high note

2012-05-11 09:19:07

The upcoming China Music Valley International Music Festival is set to be bigger and better, and more international than the highly rated 2011 event.

You petty bourgeoisie

2012-05-11 07:50:47

China's new crop of hedonists indulge themselves, whether or not they can afford it.

Standing tall

2012-05-10 14:52:09

The Four Gates Pagoda, a stupa built about 1,400 years ago, is undergoing restoration after suffering from leaks. Zhang Zixuan reports in Jinan.

A gigantic talent

2012-05-08 10:15:31

Zhang Wei's writings reflect an amazing stamina. The author who prefers solitude shares the secret of his vigor with Chitralekha Basu and Zhao Ruixue.

23rd Macao Arts Festival kicks off

2012-05-09 09:31:25

The Beijing Opera show Su Wu of the Han Dynasty was staged on Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium Tuesday night, lifting the curtains of the 23rd Macao Arts Festival.

String things

2012-05-04 10:49:17

As one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments, the guqin represents more than just music - it is a symbol of culture and part of an intellectual's learning.

Thirty years of kissing

2012-05-04 08:45:32

Plastic wrappers on the lips and riverside lanes - just some accessories for learning how to kiss again.