2013 Beijing Fashion art show kicks off

2013-09-24 09:32:32

The 2013 Beijing Fashion art show kick off in Beijing on September 23, 2013.

798 Art Festival kicks off in Beijing

2013-09-23 09:24:24

2013 798 Art Festival kicked off on Saturday at the 798 Art Zone in Beijing, featuring nearly 100 art events.

Framing contemporary Asian art

2013-09-22 07:58:42

Long Museum wants to draw public attention to Asia's contemporary art with its first international exhibition.

Majestic freehand, love of nature

2013-09-22 07:54:24

Over the long history of Chinese painting, bird-and-flower painting has always been one of three main subjects along with landscapes and figures.

Classic style given modern flair

2013-09-22 07:54:24

One of the most notable painters in China, Guo Shifu is a master in freehand bird-and-flower painting.

Glimpses of history

2013-09-18 07:49:48

More than a century after it was looted and burned down, Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace, has been restored to its former glory in a unique way.

Geometry shapes artist's work

2013-09-18 15:53:01

As the winner of the Yishu 8 award in 2013, Chesnier received the chance to come to Beijing and stay for three months to work on her art.

Taiwan Yuju Opera troupe performs in Jinan

2013-09-17 15:37:55

A new Yuju Opera show, which featured traditonal Yuju arias, modern acting and Taiwanese folk songs, was staged by Taiwan Yuju Opera Troupe in Jinan on Monday.

Wushu spirit

2013-09-17 07:26:03

The owner of one of China's top martial arts schools tells Chen Nan why the school is guided by the legacy of the legendary Huo Yuanjia, whose life remains an inspiration for young practitioners of the ancient skill.

Yu Fei'an's flower-and-bird painting sells for $695,900

2013-09-16 14:44:54

Gongbi master Yu Fei'an's flower-and-bird painting, Blossoms of Four Seasons, was sold for 4.26 million yuan ($695,900) at the Beijing Council International Auction's summer sales, which concluded on Thursday.

Grotto artworks saved by protective nets

2013-09-16 08:20:06

In AD 366, a Buddhist monk had a vision on the outskirts of Dunhuang, a bustling area on the Silk Road.

Call of destiny brings artist back to the fold

2013-09-14 07:47:38

At an exhibition opening at Shanghai's Minsheng Art Museum, the tinkling of a piano was accompanied by Chinese Kunqu Opera.