Star shines as Sun

2011-10-08 08:04:33

Taiwan actor Winston Chao says his understanding of the 1911 Revolution's leader is deeper than his physical resemblance to the Republic of China's founder.

Reel roles celebrate a true hero

2011-10-08 08:04:33

Dr Sun Yat-sen is a frequent subject of TV dramas and films on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

His art has truly gone to the dogs

2011-10-08 08:04:33

Oil artist Lin Yue recalls being terrified when the gigantic dog leapt for his throat with a "roar".

Artwork displayed at Sotheby's

2011-10-08 09:35:39

Valuable artwork and dinosaur fossils are displayed at Sotheby's in London on Oct 7, 2011.

Man on a mission

2011-10-07 11:31:00

Swedish fitness guru warms up Beijing marathon competitors with his unique style of exercise

Old school

2011-10-07 10:16:19

The Double Ninth Festival is a special day of respect for chinese seniors.

Raising a Thorny issue

2011-09-30 09:19:33

A Chinese love story - no sex, little talk and a whole lot of heartache.

Spirit of the past

2011-09-30 08:26:43

The artworks on display at China Design Week aim to showcase nation's tradition of innovation.

Out of the shadows

2011-09-30 09:19:33

The decorated oilpaper umbrella is a classic example of Chinese culture.

Time tells for Eileen Chang

2011-09-30 08:26:43

Eileen Chang's literary career has been a little like her life story - unpredictable and fraught with drama.

Istanbul design week kicks off

2011-09-29 14:43:43

Istanbul design week will be hosting designers and design exhibitions from around the world in Istanbul from Sept 28 to Oct 2.

'Alice in Wonderland' press rehearsal

2011-09-29 14:34:43

Actress Veronika Miklova of The National Black Theatre of Prague performs during a press rehearsal of "Alice in Wonderland" in Madrid