Narrative in oil

2014-08-05 07:20:19

Ever since Chinese artists started to paint with oil a century ago, they have been exploring how to translate the Western art form in the context of their own culture.

No shortcuts to next big thing

2014-08-05 08:05:41

Exhibitions of works by young, aspiring artists are on the rise, allowing art lovers to see the next generation's creations. But critics say such early exposure can be damaging to the development of the work.

Distinctive arts from Peng Mingliang exhibited in Shanghai

2014-08-04 11:06:59

Visitors enjoy artwork created by Shanghai artist Peng Mingliang, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, Aug 3, 2014.

Beijing to hold Sand Sculpture Festival

2014-08-04 11:01:23

The Beijing Sand Sculpture Festival is in the last phase of preparation and will to be open in mid-August.

UN officials' calligraphy show tours China

2014-08-01 20:27:08

An exhibition featuring 60 works of calligraphy by United Nations officials including Ban Ki-Moon, the UN secretary general, arrived Friday in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei province, after debuting in Shanghai.

'China Mania' exhibition kicks off in Singapore

2014-08-04 07:00:00

Porcelain artworks are displayed on the "China Mania" exhibition during a media preview in Singapore's Asian Civilisations Museum, Aug 1, 2014. The exhibition lasts from Aug 2 to Dec 14.

Back to the present

2014-08-03 11:29:17

He looks to the past for stories hidden in vintage articles, and this hobby has developed into a full-time interest.

Culture Insider: Customs of Sanfu - the dog days of summer

2014-08-04 07:18:01

Sanfu is between mid-July to mid-August. Let's take a look at the Chinese traditional ways of spending the dog days of summer.

Ancient Ba State culture displayed in Beijing

2014-08-02 08:38:40

Visitors can get close to the ancient Ba State culture at the exhibition Harmonious Life: The State of Ba in the Eyes of a Yan Princess, at the Capital Museum in Beijing until Oct 7.

Ancient villages catalogued for better preservation

2014-08-01 11:33:29

A study is underway in Wuyuan, to better preserve the cultural roots of historical heritage. It is among the sites in the countrywide project, "Retain nostalgia - archive the ancient villages in China".

Dough figurines pinched for Chinese Valentine's Day

2014-08-01 07:00:00

On the eve of Chinese Valentines' Day, a dough figurines shop in Shanxi offers a promotion of pinching dough figurines.

Chinese Valentine's Day embraced with paper-cuts

2014-07-31 15:17:06

As Chinese Valentine's Day approaches, elaborate paper-cuts with romantic themes by Wu Guilan, a folk artist from Suzhou are very popular among citizens and tourists.