Is my baby a boy or girl?

2011-07-20 07:56:56

If you're pregnant in China, you'll perhaps be surprised the most common question you get is, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Two old friends, two views of modern China

2011-07-19 07:55:19

When Wang Xiaoshuai realized he could never paint as finely as his high school pal Liu Xiaodong, he gave up painting and turned to filmmaking.

Man in motion

2011-07-17 08:44:05

Davide Butson-Fiori, head trainer of this combination of sightseeing, boot camp and interval training, thinks it's a great way to meet new people.

Romance of the revolution

2011-07-19 07:55:19

American journalist Edgar Snow's popular 1937 book, Red Star over China, has inspired tens of thousands of readers.

The slim years

2011-07-15 07:57:36

Chinese authors are still struggling to carve a niche in the global gallery of contemporary literary greats.

Ear to the ground

2011-07-15 07:57:36

Yu Jianrong has a ringside view of China's rural tribulations.

An outsider with inside information

2011-07-15 07:57:36

Do you consider yourself an insider or an outsider?

Iranslation, mostly a labor of love

2011-07-15 07:57:36

If you're in the business as a niche publisher/translator, chances are, you're doing it for love.

From 'cartloads of books' to e-publishing

2011-07-15 07:57:36

In Confucius' era, heavy bamboo or wood strips were the medium of publication, today its e-publications.

Sichuan artist looks behind the facade

2011-07-14 07:58:34

Talented artists can make mundane objects seem interesting and full of mystery.

Designers get their chance to bloom

2011-07-14 07:58:34

The Space Floral Decoration Design Contest, from July 6 to Dec 23, is the first in China for space floral designers.

Strings from another age

2011-07-10 07:49:23

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese were already making music with zithers, an instrument much loved by scholars, musicians and even martial artists.