From death matches to child's play

2011-09-09 14:28:01

You probably recognize the character (x) as a word of whimsy, but its origins are not so innocuous.

Book fair with an orange cover

2011-09-09 14:28:33

The 18th Beijing International Book Fair is a success not just for the Country of Honor, the Netherlands, but publishing in general.

Curious first look

2011-09-09 07:49:23

The just concluded 18th Beijing International Book Fair had a distinct orange flavor, with the Netherlands as the Country of Honor.

Climate relativist challenges the new orthodoxy

2011-09-09 07:49:23

The gigantic egg-shaped auditorium of the NCPA in Beijing reminded Salomon Kroonenberg of the Finnish folk epic Kalevala, about the genesis of the Earth.

Fruits of the fair

2011-09-09 07:49:23

The 18th Beijing International Book Fair wrapped up on Sunday after setting a number of records.

Veteran ink artist's mountain of work on display

2011-09-08 16:00:56

Mountains are clearly close to ink artist Ma Jizhong's heart.

Fest celebrates an empress' birthday

2011-09-08 16:33:26

Daughters' Day, a festival for women, kicked off on Sept 1 in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, with a day's holiday for every female office worker in the city.

Intangible cultural heritage celebrated in Shanghai

2011-09-08 15:58:42

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival kicked off in Shanghai on Sept 7, 2011.

Cultural hybridism at sculpture meet

2011-09-08 16:15:11

More than 600 sculptors from 100 countries and regions took part in the third Changchun World Sculpture Conference.

Henan bone flutes date back to 6,000 BC

2011-09-06 07:58:06

Editor's Note: Every week we look at a work of art or a cultural relic that puts the spotlight on China's heritage.

Chinese Soprano spreads harmony in Italy

2011-09-06 07:58:06

Italian opera went international on Saturday night in Imola, where an enthusiastic public warmly applauded the performance of Chinese soprano.

The MAN behind the WOMEN

2011-09-06 07:58:06

Li Yugang's new show is an ambitious attempt to recreate the four outstanding beauties of China.