Bringing us up to date

2012-09-03 09:04:39

A Dream of Red Mansions has been adapted many times to keep it popular.

Labor of love

2012-08-31 09:16:50

Acclaimed violin maker Zheng Quan has put China in the forefront of making top quality instruments.

When music needs drama

2012-08-31 09:25:24

Established singer-songwriter Xiao Ke is serious about his involvement in performing arts and has recently opened his own theater in Beijing.

Difficult to say goodbye

2012-08-30 09:10:37

After more than 40 years at its current location, Beijing Film Studio is being demolished and moving to a swanky site on the outskirts.

It's all harmony for Ni Hai-ye

2012-08-27 10:11:00

Ni Hai-ye has a "Tiger Mom", who forced her to learn the violin at 4, and then the cello at 7. "It was a smaller cello, the kind for kids, though," she explains.

The future of classical music

2012-08-27 10:04:53

John Harding is extremely familiar with the music scene in Hong Kong and Macao, having founded the violin department of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Return to sender

2012-08-27 09:37:44

The doyenne of symphonic music in the Asia-Pacific region takes some of the best talent from the region to the home base of classical music.

A decade in Dutch eyes

2012-08-26 13:11:59

Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf has captured the first decade of the 21st century filtered through his own eyes.

History with humor

2012-08-26 13:13:14

Erik Nilsson visits a revolutionary base in Jiangsu province and gets a dramatic view of the past, colored with a touch of comedy.

Walls without boundaries

2012-08-24 09:45:17

Currently exhibiting at London's iconic Charing Cross Library is a collection of about 50 photographs on the Great Wall of China and Britain's Hadrian's Wall.

Piecing it all together

2012-08-24 09:17:43

Piles of porcelain shards line the wall of Wu Mei's workshop. Covered in dirt and stacked in plastic boxes, they could easily be mistaken for trash.

Romance of the stone

2012-08-24 09:16:18

A shared reverence for precious jade has started a dialogue between China and Mexico, and it's taking place at the Palace Museum in Beijing now.