When men wear tutus...

2011-09-25 07:57:26

Can you imagine grown men in tutus, corsets and giant pointe shoes executing double tours en l'air and fouetts?

The Way of the Sage

2011-09-25 07:57:18

Confucius would turn in his grave if he knew how many students in China are learning by rote these days.

Confucius alive

2011-09-25 07:55:27

An institute named after Confucius is sowing the seeds of better understanding and better communication with the world, throughout the world.

Lu Xun the legacy

2011-09-23 07:49:32

Lu Xun is easily the most recognizable face of 20th century Chinese literature.

Time line

2011-09-23 07:49:32

Here is the time line of the writer Lu Xun.

Writer's grandson makes three wishes that are coming true

2011-09-23 07:49:32

Zhou Lingfei, grandson of Lu Xun, says that before his father Zhou Hai-ying passed away in April, he expressed three wishes.

Plows, tough guys and real men

2011-09-23 09:11:34


Symphonies in season

2011-09-23 07:49:32

China National Symphony Orchestra and China Philharmonic Orchestra will present more Chinese works, as the 2011-12 season gets underway, amid the growing popularity of symphonic music.

Female artist's carvings exhibited

2011-09-22 14:02:42

Creations by Chinese female artist Luo Pengpeng are now exhibited at The Chinese Museum of Women and Children in Beijing.

Wisteria dwells on Regret for the Past

2011-09-22 14:02:04

Wisteria will be put on by the Zheng Xiaoying Opera Center of Xiamen Institute of Technology.

China Opera House to present Tannhauser

2011-09-22 13:51:14

The China National Opera House will stage Wagner's Tannhauser on Sept 22 and 24, at Beijing's Tianqiao Theater.

A 'Dream' to dance

2011-09-22 10:32:42

China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe brought the "My Dream" series of performances to German audiences.