Objects come alive in new art exhibit

2014-06-16 13:13:42

Thing World, a new exhibit of 58 mixed media works by artists from 22 countries, is showing at the National Art Museum of China.

Three generations of artists represented at auction

2014-06-16 13:10:46

The spring sales of Beijing Wen Jin Ge Auction will feature 25 paintings by a family with three generations of ink artists.

Clay figurines present traditional craft arts

2014-06-16 10:37:18

The photo shows polymer clay figurines created by Qin Shanming, a folk artist from Shandong province, June 14, 2013.

Culture insider: China, birthplace of football

2014-06-16 07:30:25

Cuju first appeared in the renowned ancient Chinese historical work Zhan Guo Ce ("Strategies of the Warring States") compiled which described cuju as a form of entertainment among the general public.

Dressing for fowl that's food for thought

2014-06-15 07:28:19

Prose written in neon lamps. A toy-like aircraft. And a bat's suede garment.

Probing deep roots of globalization issues

2014-06-15 07:28:19

Broached Commissions cofounder and creative director Lou Weis says the Melbourne-based studio's design works draw from Australian history and are influenced by how the country has retained traditional culture during globalization.

Lin: Artistic homecoming at Peking University

2014-06-15 07:27:33

China-born Singaporean painter Lin Xiangxiong was recently a visiting professor at Peking University, where he held a solo art exhibition.

Ancient kiln highlights cultural celebration

2014-06-15 07:24:34

As the ancient porcelain kiln blazed in Jingdezhen, high temperatures added to the warmth at this weekend's summertime festival.

Missed classic Chinese films? You can see them again!

2014-06-14 14:21:15

An activity called "Classic Movie" was launched in Beijing on Thursday. It aims to show old classic Chinese films.

Film on child trafficking

2014-06-14 10:25:52

Peter Chan, director of Dragon and American Dream, has announced that his new film Dearest will premiere on Sept 26.

Children practice Peking opera in E China

2014-06-14 09:41:06

Adorable children practise Peking opera at a kindergarten in Liaocheng city, east China's Shandong province.

Marquez novel translated directly to Chinese

2014-06-13 17:28:53

El otoño del patriarca, or The Autumn of the Patriarch, by the late Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez has finally made it to China in all its authentic flavor.