Mad dash for Mo's latest book

2012-10-18 10:30:24

A new book by Nobel laureate Mo Yan hit the Chinese market on Wednesday amid "Mo Mania".

Rowling tries novel for grown-ups

2012-10-18 11:00:04

J.K. Rowling spoke for just over an hour at Manhattan's Lincoln Center to promote her first novel for grown-ups, The Casual Vacancy.

Farewell, match

2012-10-12 11:02:35

Commercial realities catch up with one of the simplest tools ever invented.

Chinese king of posts

2012-10-11 13:36:01

Huang Shiyong has probably walked passed the East Lake at Wuhan more than a dozen times. And he has taken a few dozen shots of the famous lake in Hubei province during those visits.

Threads of change

2012-10-11 13:34:43

Wen Fang partners with underprivileged women to transform their traditional needlework into contemporary artwork.

Music, happiness walk hand-in-hand

2012-09-28 10:34:02

Whether you prefer heavy metal dirges or delicate sonatas, music - as Confucius once said - is something that "produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without".

Set in stone

2012-09-28 10:34:02

During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a precious stone from Fujian was said to be worth its weight in gold, literally.

Rowling 'obsessed' with death

2012-09-28 09:32:02

The release of The Casual Vacancy is one of the highlights of the publishing calendar this year, with hefty sales expected for J.K. Rowling.

Deaf percussionist seamlessly blends East and West

2012-09-28 09:44:28

Evelyn Glennie may not be a familiar name to most Chinese, but many people remember the 1,000 drummers at the Opening Ceremony of Olympics.

Return to roots

2012-09-28 09:32:24

An exhibition with 150 landscape oil paintings by the nation's most prominent landscape painters suggests a return to the tradition of shanshui.

Prolific producer

2012-09-28 09:23:51

Meng Jinghui has come a long way - from being an unknown to one of China's most commercially successful theater directors in these years.

Goldsmiths' Fair opens in London

2012-09-25 13:57:09

The Goldsmiths' Fair stands as the largest and most inspirational selling event of designer jewellery and stylish silverware in Europe.