Pop goes the ballet

2011-06-17 07:37:40

An experimental show infuses ballet's classical prancing with modern dancing.

The writing is on the wall

2011-06-17 07:37:40

The first exhibition of Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) frescos will open at Shaanxi History Museum on June 20.

Following in the footsteps of tragedy

2011-06-17 07:37:40

Xiao Hong's short life was a troubled one, but even by this measure, the time her fianc Wang Enjia abandoned her was a low point.

'Midwife' of Chinese literature prized for his work on woman author

2011-06-17 07:37:40

Professor Howard Goldblatt, hailed as the "midwife" of contemporary Chinese literature by John Updike, was sweating when he received the Xiao Hong Research Award on June 3, in Harbin.

What's New

2011-06-16 08:09:49

The Exhibition Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet is being staged at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing.

Sculpting in time

2011-06-16 08:09:49

Acramped apartment on the outskirts of Tianjin is a human body shop for some of the most famous figures in China.

Seal of approval

2011-06-15 08:14:29

The dying tradition of insignia stamp engraving has become a university major.

Let there be light!

2011-06-14 08:05:35

Take some lasers and shine them on the surface of a plane mirror and countless laser beams are reflected up to the ceiling.

The fine line of design

2011-06-14 08:05:35

China's creative types strut their stuff at exhibitions in Italy, displaying the strides they've made past the 'made-in-China' label.

Cirque's new act: the theater stage

2011-06-12 08:43:29

With a wolfish grin and a bald head, Guy Laliberte, a co-founder and the owner of Cirque du Soleil, looks like a man with a plan for world domination.


2011-06-12 08:44:23

Gan Tian talks to two experts on how to care for and keep cultural and antique collections in the home.


2011-06-12 08:44:23

The following accessories are close to Yang Qing's heart.