A beauty using her brain to stand out

2011-08-07 07:45:43

Olivia Wilde is not your typical starlet clone.

Lessons learned in a brush with death

2011-08-07 07:45:43

Johnny Hallyday hasn't given up, at least not yet.

An author who confronts our demons

2011-08-05 08:00:17

It's dusk and Tuola the bear king makes his way down the mountain and arrives at a Lisu ethnic group village in Yunnan province.

What's On

2011-08-05 08:00:17

Canadian pop punk group Simple Plan will hold a Beijing concert.

Drum roll for classics

2011-08-05 08:00:17

The second Mercedes-Benz International Music Festival will shine the spotlight on percussion music this summer.

Broadway-style musical celebrates Teresa!

2011-08-05 08:00:17

Fans of the late Taiwan singer Teresa Teng will have a chance to experience her music once again.

Lifting the veil

2011-08-05 08:00:17

Beijing's Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, is steeped in history, dreams and tears, which are perfectly reflected in design.

No bad-hair day as 'shock locks' meet 'twisted lady'

2011-08-02 08:18:35

Long before Charlotte Free, the of-the-moment fashion model, became known for her brightly colored hair.

Made for China

2011-08-02 08:18:35

Beijing offi ce worker Sun Lixiang has looked for but never found a satisfactory pair of sunglasses.

Intimate trends

2011-07-31 08:30:08

Last October, Meike Winnemuth won Germany's version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Six months later, she was in Shanghai.

Skateboarding in a half-pipe house

2011-07-31 08:27:32

Last year, Francois Perrin, an architect in Los Angeles, was approached with an intriguing proposition.

What's on

2011-07-29 08:01:34

James Blunt, singer and writer of global hits such as You're Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover , is coming to China.