Capital reaps rich harvest with tech startups

2016-03-02 03:15:06

Beijing boasts the world's second-largest number of most valuable tech startups, showcasing its advance in the sector.

China's lunar probe sets record for longest stay

2016-03-01 22:11:38

Chang'e-3, China's first lunar lander, has been operating on the moon for over two years, the longest time for an active probe.

China to use data relay satellite to explore dark side of moon

2016-03-01 21:39:21

China will launch a data relay satellite to ensure communication between Earth and the lunar probe during an expedition to the far side of the moon, Ye Peijian, chief scientist with China's lunar exploration program.

Second space lab, manned mission planned

2016-02-29 02:41:43

China is assembling its second space laboratory and its latest manned spacecraft, and plans to send them into space in the second half of this year, according to the China Manned Space Agency.

China to launch second space lab Tiangong-2 in Q3

2016-02-28 10:16:24

Tiangong-2 is expected to dock with a cargo ship scheduled to be launched in the first half of next year, sources said Sunday.

China's robotic exoskeleton to be put into production

2016-02-26 19:39:03

A China-developed robotic exoskeleton, which can help disabled people to walk again, will be put into production this year, its developer announced Friday.

Some Tibetan plants can predict Indian monsoon

2016-02-26 11:37:00

A team of Chinese and European scientists has discovered certain plants on the Tibetan Plateau can predict the occurrence of an Indian monsoon.

Chinese scientists create functional sperm from stem cells in lab

2016-02-26 10:13:08

The researchers successfully used the functional sperm cells to produce healthy mouse offspring, which went on to give birth to the next generation.

Foreign students urged to boost entrepreneurial startups

2016-02-26 08:06:37

Foreign students will be eligible to join entrepreneurial startups in Beijing's high-tech hub, the Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone, and apply for permanent residence, according to a new policy announced on Wednesday by the Ministry of Public Security.

Domestic tech to form core of subway expansion plans

2016-02-26 08:06:37

Chinese-made hardware and software will be at the heart of Beijing's subway system as it looks to expand in the coming years.

China becomes world's second-largest R&D performer

2016-02-25 11:23:02

China is now the second-largest performer of R&D, accounting for 20% of global R&D spending as compared to the United States, which accounts for 27%.

Gravitational wave venture seeks talent from the world

2016-02-24 15:15:32

The Tianqin project is recruiting researchers with annual salary of up to $150,000 to work on space gravitational wave detection.