Scientists honored with top national award

2012-02-14 12:20:07

Two Chinese scientists, physicist Xie Jialin and architect Wu Liangyong, won China's top science award Tuesday morning.

China helicopter passes cold weather flight test

2012-02-13 14:56:22

China's first independently-developed large civil helicopter, the AC313, has passed a cold weather flight test.

Sub vessel to attempt record-setting dive

2012-02-13 07:59:35

High underwater pressure will be the greatest danger facing Jiaolong, China's manned deep-sea vessel, when it attempts to make the deepest dive.

Jiaolong to test 7,000-meter dive

2012-02-10 19:20:45

High pressure at great depths remains the greatest challenge faced by Jiaolong, China’s manned submersible, as it attempts the world’s deepest dive later this year.

Microblog tests business PR: report

2012-02-09 21:00:11

The popularity of micro-blogs has serious implications for companies and brands that operate in China, creating a scenario where major public crises and scandals erupt with increasing frequency and speed.

Theaters to go digital by end of 2013

2012-02-08 21:21:20

Texas Instruments Inc announced on Wednesday that its 7,745 digital cinema screens in China account for 60 percent of all digital cinemas in the Asia-Pacific region including India, Australia and New Zealand, of which 4,409 are 3D screens.

More govt departments, officials use microblog

2012-02-08 19:37:41

The number of microblog accounts verified as managed by government officials or departments on China's four major websites reached 50,561 by the end of 2011, according to a report unveiled on Wednesday.

Smoking in men associated with cognitive decline

2012-02-07 10:54:42

Smoking in men appears to be associated with more rapid cognitive decline, according to a report published in Archives of General Psychiatry.

China's new rockets to debut in 5 years

2012-02-05 22:09:37

China's new generations of the Long March rocket family, Long March-5, -6 and -7 are expected to make their maiden flights in the next five years, a rocket scientist has said.

Researchers find obesity begins in brain

2012-02-04 14:23:49

Though most people think obesity is a problem of hips, thighs and bellies, a new study by US scientists shows that obesity begins in the brain where the female hormone estrogen plays a role.

Facebook IPO likely to boost China's SNS

2012-02-03 10:13:53

Facebook's planned IPO is likely to give impetus to China's social networking service (SNS) and boost its development, industry insiders say.

Apple restarts online sale of iPhone 4S

2012-02-03 07:49:11

With organized scalpers working overtime to keep the red-hot iPhone 4S in stock, Apple has adopted new retail policies to regulate orders and delivery of the product.