China Telecom to speed expansion

2012-11-14 07:59:09

China Telecom Corp Ltd, the nation's biggest fixed-line operator by revenue, will step up the pace of its overseas expansion and expects its global business unit to have 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) in sales this year, according to the company's chairman.

Chinese drone portfolio brand unveiled

2012-11-13 22:53:13

China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.(CASIC), a prestigious missile maker, unveiled the parent brand for its drone products and services, "HIWING," on Tuesday.

China’s Internet security market overheats

2012-11-13 21:14:19

Experts suggested that a new profit model could emerge very soon as companies such as Baidu Inc and Tencent Holdings Ltd announce plans to participate in the market.

China forges ahead with airspace opening-up

2012-11-13 16:40:21

China will carry out reforms next year to further open up low-altitude airspace to private airplanes with communication and surveillance facilities already built to ensure flight safety.

Civil aviation industry ready to take off

2012-11-13 08:06:29

After 10 years of rapid development, China's civil aviation industry is poised to further increase its clout in the world market, according to China's top civil aviation authority.

China issues preliminary wetland regulations

2012-11-12 21:39:05

China released the draft of wetland protection regulations and started to solicit public opinion on Monday, according to the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council.

Plan to allow great use of lower-altitude airspace

2012-11-12 19:52:46

China plans to relax its ban on the use of lower-altitude airspace next year, an official from the air traffic control authority said on Monday.

China's Chang'e-3 to land on moon next year

2012-11-11 14:10:40

China will launch its latest lunar satellite in the second half of next year, the Chang'e-3, paving the way for a future manned moon landing.

China to become largest robot consumer in 2014

2012-11-11 13:49:13

Demand for industrial robots is predicted to hit 32,000 units by 2014 making China the world's largest robotics consumer.

China to launch manned spaceship in June

2012-11-10 18:28:59

China plans to launch Shenzhou X spacecraft in early June 2013 and the crew might include 2 men and a woman, who are scheduled to enter the Tiangong-1 space lab module.

Document to navigate Beidou to be released

2012-11-10 06:19:51

China is likely to release a document deemed vital for mass application of its Beidou navigation satellite system by the end of the year as it is ready to provide services overseas, according to experts.

Guangzhou bus project highlighted by UN

2012-11-09 20:08:32

Guangzhou’s bus rapid transit system was one of the nine global projects included by the United Nations Climate Change secretariat on its list of public-private “lighthouse activities” in developing countries.