Images from advanced satellite released

2014-09-30 07:38:48

Images taken by the China's most advanced civilian Earth observation satellite were released on Monday and an orbiting high-definition network will be created by 2020.

Chinese satellite photographs pedestrian crossing

2014-09-30 06:55:08

China on Monday released the first batch of photos taken by Gaofen-2, its most advanced Earth observation satellite.

Beidou sat nav sees increasing civil use

2014-09-29 21:28:47

China's Beidou navigation satellite system is being more frequently applied in the country's civil projects, authorities said at an expo in northeast China on Monday.

Chinese satellite photographs pedestrian crossing from space

2014-09-29 20:33:35

China on Monday released the first batch of photos taken by Gaofen-2, its most advanced Earth observation satellite.

Chinese entrepreneur eyes balloon-borne space tourism

2014-09-29 18:24:27

Travel to space in a high-tech balloon. Enjoy unprecedented views of the Earth and Sun before returning to solid ground in a parachute.

China launches experimental satellite

2014-09-28 15:54:36

China successfully launched an experimental satellite into preset orbit from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in its northwestern gobi desert on Sunday.

Second space lab, new astronauts on the way

2014-09-27 07:53:24

China will soon have two space laboratories in service and is selecting engineers to join its third batch of astronauts, a senior space official said.

China's first space lab in operation for over 1000 days

2014-09-26 17:11:10

Tiangong-1, China's first space lab, has been in orbit for 1092 days since it was launched on Sept 29, 2011.

Mars: China's next goal?

2014-09-25 16:21:11

After China's successful soft landing on the moon late last year, will Mars be its next goal? No official plan has been published yet, but some experts have disclosed the country's interest.

China encourages high-tech imports to upgrade "Made in China"

2014-09-25 07:41:01

China will use tax breaks to encourage enterprises to upgrade their equipment and increase research and development (R&D) efforts to improve the manufacturing industry.

World Agriculture Prize given in Nanjing

2014-09-24 18:24:13

Soil scientist Paul Vlek of Bonn University was awarded the 2014 World Agriculture Prize on Saturday in ceremonies in Nanjing, Jiansu province.

China donates leading Earth images to UN

2014-09-23 18:44:55

The Chinese government donated the world's highest-resolution image database of the Earth's surface to the United Nations (UN) on Tuesday.