Carrier rocket sent to launch base for moon landing

2013-10-27 14:06:05

A Long March-3B carrier rocket is being transported towards the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China, after left Beijing Sunday morning, to prepare for the launch of Chang'e-3 moon probe.

Ten candidate names for China's first moon rover after global poll

2013-10-27 11:36:48

Ten possible names for China's first moon rover, likely to be launched in December, have come out after a month-long online poll and debate of a jury board.

China launches experimental satellite

2013-10-25 14:41:25

China successfully launched its Shijian-16 satellite for space research and experiments Friday.

'Home of tomorrow' features at housing show

2013-10-23 21:25:28

A "home of tomorrow" — a new house model constructed with low-carbon technology and based on the principals of recycling was exhibited at the 12th China International Exhibition on Housing Industry on Wednesday.

China to better finance science development

2013-10-22 22:14:34

China will improve the way it provides financial support to science and technology development, Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said on Tuesday.

Experts push for more data about GM foods

2013-10-21 23:50:38

Agricultural experts and the public are calling on authorities to accelerate progress on information disclosure about genetically modified food as the expiration date of biosafety certificates for two strains of GM rice approaches.

Mobile use differs markedly between cities

2013-10-20 23:37:06

The first thing Zhang Ning, an office worker in Shanghai, does each day is check her social networking app WeChat and the weather app on her cellphone.

Scientists requested govt to plant GM crops

2013-10-20 23:22:08

Experts in genetically modified product research have revealed that they petitioned the central government in July to increase the production of genetically modified crops.

China's Jiaolong submersible set for Indian Ocean

2013-10-18 22:30:08

Jiaolong, China's first manned deep-sea submersible, is scheduled for a voyage in the Indian Ocean at the end of next year, the oceanic authorities said Friday.

Nation puts geospatial data system on the map

2013-10-18 09:45:23

The national geospatial data system was established after April 20, when a magnitude-7.0 earthquake rocked Ya'an, Sichuan province.

Quantum of solace as breakthrough looms

2013-10-17 01:20:12

Matter transfer, like the astonishing technology in Star Trek, is possible in real life.Simply speaking, all you need is to convert an object into an energy pattern, transmit the energy, then reconvert it into matter.
China to launch quantum experiment satellite in 2016

Physicist aiming to grow a forest of innovation

2013-10-17 00:07:19

And the case of the one-tree forest also describes the situation in the division of quantum physics and quantum information of the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale, University of Science and Technology of China.