China Daily Launches iPad News App

2011-11-08 16:05:11

Today China Daily launched its iPad news application, China Daily News, offering a mixture of text stories, photo galleries and videos.

China to launch massive survey on TCM resources

2011-11-06 18:46:51

China will soon launch its fourth national survey on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) resources to secure the industry's sustainable development, according to a senior health official.

China to expand space industry in 10 years

2011-11-04 15:02:04

China's space industry will develop quickly over the next 10 years as the country pushes ahead with its space programs after its first space docking on Thursday.

Breathtaking 'kiss' in space

2011-11-04 09:27:09

The excitement and tension are becoming palpable in the Beijing Aerospace Control Center on Wednesday night as the Shenzhou VIII spacecraft and Tiangong-1 space lab module come together to complete their "kiss".

Docking is giant step for future manned missions

2011-11-04 08:25:07

China successfully accomplished its first space-docking mission on Thursday, marking a milestone for its long-term manned space program.

Hi-tech drone will go where humans can't

2011-11-04 07:59:55

China's latest Antarctic expedition team is equipped with a high-tech drone that will help scientists access data from dangerous areas.

New icebreaker to improve China's polar research

2011-11-04 07:57:06

As China's new icebreaker readies to set sail in 2014, the country might conduct expeditions to the North Pole every year in the near future, a senior official said.

China to set up more logistics for polar research

2011-11-03 17:34:05

Chinese expedition teams in Antarctica will soon have better logistical support as the country plans to build an aviation support and emergency response system for its scientific research activities in this area.

China declares first space docking successful

2011-11-03 01:48:25

President Hu Jintao, who is in France for the G-20 summit, sent a congratulatory message on the success of the country's first-ever space docking.Docking feat ignites China's space ambition

Shenzhou-8 hosts 17 China-Germany experiments

2011-11-03 16:51:34

China's unmanned spacecraft Shenzhou-8 is loaded with an experiment device with which Chinese and German scientists will carry out joint life-science experiments.

China to establish manned space station around 2020

2011-11-03 13:40:36

China will complete the second step of its three-phase development strategy for its manned space program by establishing its own space lab around 2016 and will establish a manned space station around 2020.

Shenzhou-8 to conduct 2nd docking

2011-11-03 11:36:58

China's unmanned spacecraft Shenzhou-8 and its space lab module Tiangong-1, which joined together early Thursday, will fly together for about 12 days and then conduct the second space docking at an appropriate time.