Beidou positioning system adopted in parade training

2015-08-21 16:03:04

"Beidou highly accurate orientation and measurement technology," part of China's indigenous positioning system, has been used in training for the upcoming high-profile parade in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Reform to gear up China's taxi service

2015-08-21 16:02:16

China's traditional taxi industry is likely to get rid of several longstanding issues as companies anticipate special regulations by the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

Chinese surgeon uses 3D printing to map out difficult heart surgery

2015-08-18 16:49:08

Doctors in east China's Jiangsu Province recently used a 3D-printed heart to plan a surgery for a nine-month old baby with congenital heart disease.

Beidou satellites begin autonomous operation in space

2015-08-14 10:08:40

After more than 10 days in space, China's 19th Beidou navigation satellite is working autonomously and has set up a link with another satellite.

China becomes world's largest robots market for second consecutive year

2015-08-13 15:37:47

The sales of robots in China increased by 54.6 percent in 2014 to around 57,000 units, accounting for 25 percent of global total.

New trolleys can fully recharge in 30 seconds

2015-08-12 07:43:58

Train equipment maker CRRC Corp is introducing a fast-charge trolley bus system that trades traditional overhead cables for an energy model that can fully charge a trolley in 30 seconds while passengers are getting on and off.

Shanghai university scientists deliver insulin microneedles patch

2015-08-11 17:12:42

Scientists from Shanghai Jiao Tong University have made a breakthrough in the design of a microneedles patch, which will more effectively deliver insulin to patients with diabetes.

China to use satellites, drones, sensors to monitor pollution

2015-08-05 07:29:20

The leadership, which approved the plan, says the government will lead the monitoring and sharing of information among departments and regions.

China to launch Jilin-1 satellite in Oct

2015-08-04 16:29:03

Northeast China's Jilin Province plans to send Jilin-1, the country's first self-developed remote sensing satellite for commercial use, into space in October, its designers said Tuesday.

Startups shoot up in rural China, challenges remain

2015-08-02 13:04:13

Startups are shooting up in China's countryside as the government encourages rural entrepreneurship with a spate of favorable policies.

G20 experts discuss global economy in Beijing

2015-07-31 16:40:57

Think tank experts from more than 20 countries are in Beijing discussing problems and solutions on current global economic growth.

Chinese premier stresses innovation as 'golden key' for development

2015-07-29 07:44:44

Premier Li Keqiang has called for greater efforts to encourage innovation in science and technology in talks with the country's scientists.