Beijing opens high-tech zone

2013-09-13 21:04:38

China opened one of the world’s largest high-tech industrial zones in Beijing on Friday.

China and UK to up science collaboration

2013-09-13 20:10:28

National science academies in China and the UK published a joint statement for further cooperation on Friday. Royal Society President Paul Nurse visited Beijing in September.

Nuclear power generation still low in China

2013-09-12 17:27:55

Gross generation of electricity in China reached 4.8 trillion kilowatt-hour (kwh) in 2012, with the nuclear power only accounting for two percent, according to the Chinese Nuclear Society.

Early China iPhone launch squeezes smugglers

2013-09-11 08:22:52

Apple Inc's millions of Chinese fans will celebrate the near-simultaneous launch of the latest iPhone in China and the United States, but one group will have little to cheer - the smugglers.

Lu Wei: Liberty and Order in Cyberspace (Full Text)

2013-09-09 21:10:21

Liberty and Order in Cyberspace —— Keynote speech at the Fifth China-UK Internet Roundtable

China seeks to fill gap in civil aviation sector

2013-09-08 23:58:17

Helicopters represent a massive growth area for China's civil aviation sector, and the national aircraft manufacturer is ready to tap into this neglected market.
China develops new generation of high-speed aircraft
Beijing intends to cooperate with foreign firms in R&D

China develops new generation of high-speed aircraft

2013-09-08 23:51:07

China is developing helicopters with the ability to fly at speeds twice the current average, according the country's major aircraft maker.

Beijing intends to cooperate with foreign firms in R&D

2013-09-08 23:44:47

China is promoting cooperation with foreign countries in helicopter research and development, an executive from the national aircraft manufacturer said.

Beidou system to navigate China-ASEAN co-op

2013-09-06 14:03:54

Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) will play a bigger role in building the "diamond decade" of China-ASEAN cooperation, as hi-tech information technology will be applied in more areas of cooperation.

Homemade choppers make aerobatic stunt debut

2013-09-06 01:44:51

China's first helicopter aerobatic team staged its maiden show on Thursday, wowing thousands of spectators at a helicopter expo.

China's latest unmanned helicopter makes debut

2013-09-05 21:14:57

China's latest-concept unmanned helicopter, JY-8, made its debut on Thursday at the Second China Helicopter Exposition in the northern city of Tianjin.

Rare skull of fossil ape discovered

2013-09-05 20:43:44

A six-million-year-old fossilized cranium of a juvenile ape has been unearthed in Southwest China's Yunnan province, a rare find paleontologists hope may help unravel the mystery of human origins.