84.9% surveyed say ready to live with VR and AR technologies

2016-04-12 13:44:33

Some 85 percent of respondents are looking forward to experiencing the application of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies in real life, a survey by China Youth Daily finds.

Monastery's robot monk helping to spread the word

2016-04-09 07:46:19

Buddhist monasteries are often associated with tradition and the ancient past but one located 30 kilometers northwest of Beijing's Zhongguancun - China's innovation hub - has become famous for looking to the future with its use of cutting-edge technology and for its latest recruit, a robot.

College to launch drone operator specialty

2016-04-09 02:37:11

A technical college in Guangzhou is establishing a new specialty to meet the growing demand for feishou, or drone operators, in prosperous Guangdong province.

Weightless tests push boundary of knowledge

2016-04-07 08:12:05

With the launch of China's first microgravity satellite, SJ-10, early on Wednesday, scientists look forward to the results of experiments that could shed new light on a range of questions, from biology to the physical properties of substances, in a weightless environment.

China, Thailand sign MOU for cooperation in polar science

2016-04-06 23:40:49

China and Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in polar science research on Wednesday, the State Oceanic Administration of China said.

China launches SJ-10 retrievable space science probe

2016-04-06 17:15:35

China put into space a retrievable scientific research satellite in the early hours of Wednesday in a fresh bid to aid scientists back on Earth in studying microgravity and space life science.

Genetic predictions fail to pass the test

2016-04-06 09:10:03

When Lily (not her real name) received the results of a genomic test she had taken, she was relieved and delighted to discover that it had ruled out the possibility of a higher-than-average risk of breast cancer.

China planning its deep-sea Dream

2016-04-05 08:11:53

China plans to build its own ocean-drilling research vessel to enhance the country's exploration of deep-sea resources, according to an expert.

Experts see advantages in strategic bombers

2016-03-31 07:41:16

The Air Force's next-generation bomber for China must have strong penetration and precision strike capabilities as well as stealth technology, according to experts watching the People's Liberation Army.

Science association to get rid of bureaucracy

2016-03-29 08:12:05

The China Association for Science and Technology, an association covering more than 70 million researchers, is starting a new round of systematic reform to overcome a bureaucracy that isolates the organization from the masses.

Scientists debate impact of rising sea levels on country's coastal environment

2016-03-28 09:04:08

Average sea levels are rising faster in China's coastal region than most other places in the world, affecting the coastal environment in various ways, the national marine authority said.

China calls for reform of science and technology associations

2016-03-27 23:53:20

The general office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee recently issued a plan for deepening reforms in science and technology associations nationwide.