China launches French-made satellite

2012-03-31 22:41:33

China successfully sent a French-made communication satellite, "APSTAR-7," into orbit Saturday evening, using a Long March-3B carrier rocket launched from the southwestern Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

China makes public satellite data products

2012-03-30 19:40:02

The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) on Friday gave the public access to data products of the oceanic surveying satellite Haiyang-2, which monitors maritime environment and extreme weather.

Science Town signs up more partners

2012-03-29 20:30:52

Electronics market Zhongguancun signed more agreements with high-tech partners and enterprises on March 28 for its Zhongguancun Science Town project.

Psychological counseling: Not keeping up with market forces?

2012-03-26 23:23:03

In contrast to the low-price counseling that public hospitals offer, the true market price, which could cost thousands, may keep many would-be customers away," Bai said. "People don't have so much money for this."

Journal offers clue to lost Peking man

2012-03-26 07:06:31

A group of South African and Chinese researchers may have found the place where the mysterious Peking man fossils were buried.

China forms agri-tech service network

2012-03-25 22:59:26

China has formed a nationwide web to provide agricultural science and technology services in rural areas.

Peaceful use of nuclear strategically important

2012-03-25 19:10:20

A safe and peaceful use of nuclear power technologies is still an strategically important solution to tackle energy issues in the future, Sun Qin, president of China National Nuclear Corp, said Sunday.

China picks two female astronauts for space mission

2012-03-25 10:28:16

Two female astronauts are selected out of seven candidates for its next manned space mission.

Pterosaur fossil unearthed in China

2012-03-24 16:53:46

A rare pterosaur skull fossil has been discovered in northeast China, according to a Friday press release from the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

Cyber attacks against China remain severe

2012-03-19 22:21:24

A computer security official said China has become the world's biggest victim of cyber attacks.

New media a powerful tool, says poll

2012-03-16 07:41:59

More than 70 percent of people believe that new media can be more powerful tools for democratic supervision than traditional media.

Two more weather stations for Tibet Plateau

2012-03-16 07:41:39

As a goal, China will establish 23 weather-monitoring stations on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.