Shanghai zone improves convenience for foreign talent

2015-12-18 08:29:47

The Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone in Shanghai is working to formulate more favorable policies and convenient measures to attract talent from overseas and at home, said officials of the zone.

Physicists on cutting edge in search for dark matter

2015-12-18 07:21:15

China is joining the global competition on a scientific frontier-the search for dark matter-with new research instruments and facilities in place.

China at cutting edge of dark matter search

2015-12-17 19:50:24

China is joining the global competition at the scientific frontier — the search for dark matter — and new research instruments and facilities are in place to heighten anticipation for answers.

Mobility and cloud computing bring potential to Internet innovation: Jerry Yang

2015-12-17 16:31:41

The combination of mobility and cloud computing will bring about potential for the development of Internet at the golden era of innovation, said Jerry Yang, Founder of Yahoo, during a forum on Thursday.

Internet brings opportunities as well as challenges: Expert

2015-12-17 14:15:50

The Internet, the second-most important element that affects human beings after capital, brings us not only opportunities but also challenges, said an expert at the ongoing World Internet Conference on Thursday.

China launches satellite to shed light on invisible dark matter

2015-12-17 10:02:24

China on Thursday sent into space the country's first space telescope in a fresh search for smoking-gun signals of dark matter, invisible material that scientists say makes up most of the universe's mass.

Youth main force of Internet development: Chinese cyberspace official

2015-12-16 19:42:01

Young people have become the main force of Internet development both in China and the United States, said an official of Cyberspace Administration of China.

Latest technological innovations to be displayed at 'Internet Light' Fair

2015-12-11 10:13:20

A number of innovative projects from SMEs will also be displayed at the Fair to demonstrate their development potential and market value.

Beijing applies high technology to anti-pollution battle

2015-12-10 07:34:04

Some Beijing residents use smokestacks to predict smog: Smoke drifting gently upward means stagnant air where smog will accumulate, while smoke blowing away from the mountains indicates fresher winds and clear air ahead.

Mobile booking comes to housekeeping

2015-12-09 20:38:05

Ding Jinlin has earned more than 200 five-star ratings from her customers since June after registering as a part-time ayi, or housekeeper, through an online tool that helps connect people with service providers.

Big gene bank to anchor precision medicine

2015-12-08 07:46:35

China has been working closely on its national precision medicine initiative featuring a gene bank covering at least several million Chinese, said a top Chinese scientist.

Drone makers turning to farmland

2015-12-07 07:01:26

China's drone producers are heading to the countryside as the government steps up restrictions on drone management in cities.