Haidian mulls ways to finance future tech

2012-09-12 07:53:50

Among the thousands of industrial parks across the nation, the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park in Beijing stands out for its innovative concepts and the development of emerging industries, said Meng Jingwei, deputy director of Haidian district.

CTEX builds model for tech market

2012-09-12 07:53:50

When the China Technology Exchange was founded in 2009 in Zhongguancun, it was destined to have a trajectory that set it apart from thousands of other technology trading and exchange institutions across the nation.

Innovation boosts Haidian's growth

2012-09-11 08:07:42

Relying on its rich talent pool, extensive technological resources and favorable policies, Beijing's Haidian district is rapidly transforming into a globally influential hub for innovation.

Dongsheng tech park an innovation 'incubator'

2012-09-11 08:07:42

Dongsheng Technology Park was a garbage dump a decade ago. Today it has risen from refuse to refinement as an incubation hub for high-tech companies who found a home in northeast corner of Haidian district.

Flourishing 'base station' for giant Datang Telecom

2012-09-11 08:07:42

Independent innovation is a long-held strategy at State-owned Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, which continues its quest to upgrade China's telecommunication industry and help it reach international market competence, said the group's spokesman Liu Huiya.

Haidian, top hardware at core of Xiaomi phones

2012-09-11 08:07:42

Starting with seven co-founders, Xiaomi Corp has taken less than two years to become one of the best-known smartphone companies in China. It now has some 1,500 employees in Beijing.

DQY rules the roost in modern poultry industry

2012-09-11 08:07:42

"If you enjoy eating an egg, why bother to find the hen that laid it?"

Three Gorges restarts full-capacity storage test

2012-09-10 16:26:28

The Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest water control and hydropower project which spans China's Yangtze River, started on Monday to reduce water discharge with a full-capacity storage test.

Mobile technology lifts remote region

2012-09-10 08:06:19

Mobile Technology has not only revolutionized communication but has also helped people to lead a more efficient, greener and richer life in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

China Telecom has 2m broadband users in Xinjiang

2012-09-07 20:57:02

China Telecom Corp Ltd, the nation’s largest fixed-lined operator, said that it has more than 2 million broadband users in China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Huawei, Qihoo confirm end of smartphone deal

2012-09-06 20:33:11

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd confirmed the suspension of an agreement with Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd, saying Huawei will not supply a customized smartphone to Qihoo but will launch the model alone.

China is leading Windows Phone device market

2012-09-06 20:32:44

China has become the largest Windows Phone device market, said Stephen Elop, chief executive officer of Nokia Corp, at a New York news briefing where Nokia launched its latest Lumia smartphones running on Windows 8 software.