Crashed Antarctic copter to return to China

2011-12-12 17:48:49

The wreckage of the crashed Antarctic research helicopter Snow Eagle will be returned to China next year, Beijing News reported Monday.

iPhone 4S ready for sale in mainland

2011-12-12 11:07:25

China Unicom has been given permission to start selling the iPhone 4S on the mainland.

C919 passenger jet starts development phase

2011-12-10 07:32:04

China's homegrown C919 large passenger plane has finished its preliminary development review and entered the development phase.

China's C919 plane gets 20 new orders

2011-12-09 17:37:18

The China Aircraft Leasing Company Limited (CALC) inked a deal to buy 20 home-made C919 passenger jetliners, the plane's manufacturer COMAC said on its official website.

Expedition helicopter crashes in Antarctic

2011-12-09 13:43:30

China's expedition helicopter Snow Eagle crashed while attempting to make an emergency landing in the South Pole on Thursday evening, injuring one pilot.

Best view expected for full lunar eclipse

2011-12-08 12:57:10

Chinese stargazers will have their best view of a total lunar eclipse in 10 years on Saturday if weather permits, the Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory under CAS said Thursday.

Gates envisions nuke future for China

2011-12-08 07:07:32

Bill Gates confirmed on Wednesday that a company he helped found is cooperating on the development of a new type of nuclear reactor in China.

Trip to 'Mars' takes its toll

2011-12-07 07:17:35

After spending 520 days in a mock-up spacecraft, Chinese volunteer Wangyue returned to Beijing.

Astronomers confirm 'Earth twin'

2011-12-06 10:30:08

Kepler-22b, the most Earth-like planet ever discovered is circling a star 600 light years away, a key finding in an ongoing quest to learn if life exists beyond Earth, scientists said on Monday.

China to develop 3rd-generation weather satellite

2011-12-06 06:28:25

China will develop the third-generation Fengyun series weather satellite to monitor meteorological changes more accurately and persistently to help tackle climate change.

Paddy papa going strong

2011-12-04 08:31:15

Yuan Longping's dream is to have a new hybrid rice that will yield at least 15 tons of grain per hectare, and he is already halfway there.

China launches 10th global navigation satellite

2011-12-02 09:51:18

China successfully launched a satellite into space at 5:07 a.m. Beijing Time Friday, the 10th one of its indigenous global navigation and positioning network known as Beidou, or Compass system, the launch center said.