Submersible's designers prepare to go deep

2014-07-15 07:17:35

After a record dive to 7,062 meters below sea level by China's manned submersible Jiaolong in 2012, Chinese scientists are developing another submersible designed to reach 11,000 m.

Chinese icebreaker heads for 6th Arctic expedition

2014-07-11 18:07:20

China's icebreaker Xuelong, or "Snow Dragon," kicked off the country's sixth Arctic expedition from its Shanghai base on Friday.

Open road ahead for unmanned vehicles

2014-07-09 07:25:45

China is speeding up the development of unmanned ground vehicles, which will play an important role in future battlefields and civilian sectors.

Jiaolong submersible sets for Pacific voyage

2014-07-04 15:33:09

Jiaolong, China's first manned deep-sea submersible, on Friday embarked on a scientific expedition in the Pacific Ocean.

China takes lead in underwater exploration

2014-07-03 07:20:42

In the 1930s, 18-year-old Austrian biology student Hans Hass went diving off the southern coast of France for the first time.

Nation aims to boost research, commerce in region

2014-07-03 07:59:41

China's growing role in the Arctic will foster a win-win situation for all, said the head of the polar strategic research division under the Polar Research Institute of China.

Tianhe-2 fuels China's sci-tech progress

2014-06-26 09:31:10

China's Tianhe-2, the world's fastest supercomputer, is boosting science and technological development at home and abroad.

Electric networked vehicle field tested in Tianjin

2014-06-26 08:43:13

A two-seat, emission-free, GPS-based navigable electric networked vehicle had its first field test and demonstration in North China's port city Tianjin recently.

China's Tianhe-2 remains fastest supercomputer for 3rd time

2014-06-23 16:11:02

China's Tianhe-2 supercomputer, with a performance of 33.86 petaflops per second (Pflops/s), retained the title of the world's fastest system for the third consecutive time, according to a biannual Top500 list of supercomputers released Monday.

China's Jiaolong submersible set for Pacific voyage

2014-06-21 19:23:25

Jiaolong, China's first manned deep-sea submersible, is scheduled to leave for a voyage in the northwest Pacific Ocean on June 25, according to oceanic authorities.

University's new science centers to promote research

2014-06-20 20:12:20

Two research centers for information science and material science were officially established on Friday in Northwestern Polytechnical University.

China to strengthen support for 5G research

2014-06-11 15:59:44

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will step up support for research into next-generation mobile telecom networks, or 5G, an official said on Wednesday.