China seeks to expand green energy ties

2012-05-04 07:48:11

China and the European Union will expand collaboration in the alternative energy sector to achieve shared objectives in terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Partnership to protect river resources

2012-05-04 07:22:10

China and the United States established an ecological partnership on Thursday to protect the Yangtze and Mississippi rivers from common environmental threats.

Pandas trained for harsh life out in the wild

2012-05-04 07:13:03

At 8 am on Thursday, keepers from the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in the Wolong Nature Reserve used fresh bamboo shoots to lure Cao Cao, a 10-year-old panda, and her male cub, Tao Tao, into separate cages.

'Supermoon' to shine on Sunday

2012-05-03 21:11:36

A "supermoon" will appear in the sky on Sunday, when the natural satellite will be at its biggest and brightest this year.

Formula needed to make scientists sexy

2012-05-03 15:36:51

Prestigious mathematician Lin Qun of Chinese Academy of Sciences believes the inaction of his fellow academics to popularize the subject has contributed to its decline.

China to release alligators into wild

2012-05-02 14:55:39

A nature reserve in Anhui province will release six captive-bred alligators into the wild as part of an experimental program to boost the population of the endangered animal.

Flight simulators give pilots real training

2012-05-02 07:37:59

China's air force is expanding the use of flight simulation technology to hone fighter pilots' skills and air battle tactics.

China eyes launches of more Beidou satellites

2012-05-02 07:33:43

China launched 2 satellites for Beidou system into space atop a carrier rocket on Monday, and will see similar launches in the future to reduce costs and save time.

China launches two navigation satellites

2012-04-30 08:56:11

China successfully launched two satellites into space Monday morning, the 12th and 13th satellites for its Beidou global navigation and positioning network.

Harms of anti-depressants may overweigh benefits: study

2012-04-27 20:14:53

Commonly prescribed anti-depressants may do more harm than good to patients and people need to be much more cautious about the widespread use of these drugs.

Worm turns sheep clone to 'good' fat

2012-04-25 10:13:17

Chinese scientists have cloned a genetically modified sheep containing a "good" type of fat found naturally in nuts, seeds, fish and leafy greens that helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.

Xiaomi sells 150,000 smartphones in 12 mins

2012-04-25 09:55:53

China's smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp on Tuesday sold 150,000 phones in just 12 minutes as it launched the seventh round of online sale, the company said.