China launches experimental orbiter

2013-07-15 19:06:53

China successfully sent an experimental orbiter into space on Monday, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center has announced.

IT push aims to boost domestic demand

2013-07-13 01:12:44

China is to promote consumption of IT-related products and services as it seeks to spur domestic demand and push economic upgrading.

Medical quarantine over for Shenzhou X astronauts

2013-07-11 19:40:53

The three astronauts of China's Shenzhou X mission appeared in public on Thursday after they completed their medical quarantine.

China develops 100-megapixel camera

2013-07-10 13:23:51

A Chinese institute has successfully developed a camera featuring a 100-megapixel charge-coupled device chip, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced on Wednesday.

Submersible taps mineral deposits in S China Sea

2013-07-05 00:42:05

Jiaolong, the manned deep-sea submersible, is helping the country tap a treasure of iron-manganese deposits that were first discovered in the South China Sea on Wednesday.

Jiaolong discovers iron-manganese deposits

2013-07-04 14:35:53

Extensive iron-manganese deposits were discovered by the manned submersible Jiaolong during a dive conducted in the South China Sea on Wednesday.

Mobile network malware skyrockets in China

2013-07-04 14:32:44

The number of malicious mobile Internet software programs in China rose to more than 162,000 last year, 25 times more than the figure in 2011.

Pilot flight for Internet on Air China services

2013-07-04 02:17:22

Passengers on Chinese airlines will be able to access the Internet in the near future, industry insiders forecast, after the first Chinese flight offering Web service landed in Chengdu, Sichuan province, on Wednesday afternoon.

China delivers world's largest marine engineering equipment

2013-07-04 02:11:39

World's largest deep-sea engineering equipment built by a Chinese company was delivered on Wednesday to its Brazilian client.

Operator stands by safety measures

2013-07-04 01:57:37

A major nuclear power plant operator in Guangdong province said its facilities can handle a range of scenarios, from a terrorist attack to an earthquake.

China boosts handling of nuke emergencies

2013-07-04 01:43:00

China has pledged to strengthen its capability to handle any possible nuclear emergencies, according to a plan approved by the State Council on Tuesday.

Shanghai center to showcase robots

2013-07-04 01:00:03

The consumer robotics market is set to have a quick takeoff in China with the nation’s first service robot exhibition center scheduled to open in Shanghai by the end of July.