Xuelong sets sail for Antarctica

2012-11-05 21:06:37

The Xuelong, a Chinese icebreaker, embarked on the country’s 29th Antarctic expedition on Monday from Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong province.

Bright future for China’s LED industry

2012-11-05 20:42:55

Experts said that if half of the lighting devices nationwide were LEDs, China could save power equivalent to the annual electricity output of two and a half Three Gorges Dam, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Regulation made to protect personal information safety

2012-11-05 20:05:52

Hebei province has passed its first regulation that seeks to halt public disclosure of personal information.

Dell to sharpen focus on enterprise solutions in China

2012-11-05 19:42:06

The US-based IT giant Dell Corp will place greater emphasis on enterprise solutions in the Chinese market next year to transfer from a hardware company to a solution provider, company executives said on Monday.

iPhone 5 on shelf, Apple still highly sought after

2012-11-05 16:30:40

Employees at Shenzhen's newly opened Apple store cheer and give presents to customers as they enter the store on Nov 3, 2012. Apple opened its 7th store on the Chinese mainland in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen on Nov 3. Apple fans were enthusiastic about the new store, forming long lines before its opening. Some customers had to wait for half an hour before they could enter the store.

Red Hat targets China for R&D

2012-11-05 07:47:44

Red Hat Inc, the No 1 Linux developer in the United States, is considering investing more in its research and development and sales team in China, said the company's President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Whitehurst.

Software maker mobilizes

2012-11-05 07:47:44

Kingsoft Co Ltd, one of China's oldest software developers, is determined to turn itself into an Internet company although the transition won't be "smooth", said Zhang Hongjiang, its CEO.

High-tech companies produce goods for civilians

2012-11-04 08:40:55

China's advanced technology industry has been manufacturing more products for civilian use, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said Saturday.

Suez Environment to set up R&D center in China

2012-11-02 19:12:51

Suez Environment, a world leading water and waste service company, is to build a new research and development center in Chongqing in an aim to better support the city in environmental protection services.

Xiamen hosts center to develop marine technology

2012-11-02 15:00:34

The National Oceanography Center was established on Friday in Xiamen, Fujian province, to accelerate the development of marine technology and innovation.

Beijing animation festival wraps up

2012-11-01 21:37:56

The 7th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival ended on Wednesday night at the Communication University of China.

China chooses landing spot for lunar mission

2012-11-01 18:39:38

China has chosen a landing spot for its third lunar exploration mission, which will be launched next year, the China National Space Administration said on Oct 29.