Tech wonders set to change the world

2012-01-10 08:55:46

China's contribution to the range of science-based inventions evolved in 2011 was noteworthy.

Brain surgery robots developed by China, Japan

2012-01-09 22:29:35

Chinese and Japanese researchers have jointly developed a robotic system which will likely improve the success rate of surgical brain vascular intervention.

China launches Ziyuan III satellite

2012-01-09 14:37:22

China successfully launched the Ziyuan III satellite Monday from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi province.

Heart to heart via satellite

2012-01-08 07:45:57

Two heart operations performed in Shanghai were telecast live via satellite to Taipei on Saturday morning.

Antarctica not free of earthquakes

2012-01-06 11:15:52

Data collected by China's Great Wall Station show that the continent is not earthquake-free.

US for new time standard, China, Britain say no

2012-01-06 08:10:16

Clock time might not signify a particular time of the day, as we know it, if a proposal to amend the global standard of timekeeping is passed at a conference in Geneva in mid-January.

Campaign to fend off invasion by alien species

2012-01-04 07:30:55

Alien species are attacking crops and causing billions of dollars worth of damage to the economy even though detection rates have increased fourfold since 2002.

China eyes increased coalbed methane output

2012-01-02 22:31:13

China will try to extract 30 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane in 2015 as part of the country's efforts to reduce deadly coal mine accidents and develop a clean energy industry.

China sets up state-level aerospace research institute

2011-12-31 19:50:14

A research institute focusing on the development of the country's aerospace engineering technologies was jointly founded by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC) on Saturday.

Moon mission on the horizon

2011-12-30 07:14:33

China will carry out research on a heavy-thrust carrier rocket in the next five years.

Fuselage part of homegrown jet in production

2011-12-29 19:09:17

The first fuselage part of China's homegrown large passenger jet, the C919, was put into production on Thursday in Nanchang, capital of East China's Jiangxi province.

China makes rapid progress in space industry

2011-12-29 13:08:07

A white paper published on Thursday said that China has made innovative achievements and breakthroughs in major space projects, and space technology has been upgraded remarkably.