China to launch spacecraft on June 11

2013-06-10 16:06:22

The Shenzhou-10 manned spacecraft will be launched at 5:38 p.m. Tuesday, said China's manned space program spokeswoman on Monday. Special, Photos

Manned sub Jiaolong starts trial mission

2013-06-10 13:08:21

China's manned submersible Jiaolong, boarding its support ship Xiangyanghong-9, left a port in Jiangsu province, on Monday, for its first voyage of experimental application.

WeChat to expand in global market

2013-06-08 19:12:36

WeChat, a mobile chatting tool developed by Tencent Holdings Ltd, is discussing cooperation with Chinese mobile carriers and exploring opportunities to expand overseas, according to Tencent's chairman.

Nuclear station starts operation in NE China

2013-06-08 19:10:15

The first unit of the Hongyanhe nuclear power station, the first nuclear power plant and largest energy project in Northeast China, went into commercial operation on June 6, the plant announced on Friday.

Chinese firm seeks to impart ICT skills to Kenya

2013-06-07 01:15:07

Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei on Thursday signed an agreement with SlumCode Group, an organization founded by youths to help them have access to information and digital literacy, to invest in skills transfer for youths in Kenya's slums.

Dell launches new global base in Chengdu

2013-06-06 17:18:25

PC giant Dell launched its new global operations site in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Thursday.

Earth observation satellite's HD photos issued

2013-06-06 13:38:22

China on Thursday publicized the first batch of photos captured by Gaofen-1, its recently launched high-definition Earth observation satellite.

China to build research center for Arctic region

2013-06-06 01:41:32

China will expand its study of the Arctic's resources as well as the region's shipping and economic potential, the main Chinese institute for polar research said.

Analysis puts face on 'cute' distant cousin

2013-06-06 01:36:04

It's a small primate with a body shorter than your finger. It has a round face, slender limbs and a long tail.

China to widen studies of the Arctic

2013-06-05 21:47:31

China is to expand studies of the Arctic as part of its resources, shipping and economic cooperation with countries in the Arctic region

Controversy springs up over earliest known bird

2013-06-04 02:23:10

Fossils excavated in Liaoning province have challenged the theory that the Archaeopteryx is indeed the earliest known bird.

Scientists conclude dinosaur had gum disease after biting

2013-06-04 02:23:10

Scientists found the fossilized jawbone of a Sinosaurus, which could be the earliest discovered animal that had a dental disease.