China unveils native mobile operating system

2014-01-09 20:24:01

A new mobile phone operating system was unveiled by a Chinese tech firm on Thursday, making it the country's first smart phone system with independent intellectual property rights.

More efforts to boost innovation in 2014

2014-01-09 19:20:55

More efforts will be made in 2014 to support the innovation and research and development of new technologies, said Wan Gang, minister of the Science and Technology Ministry.

3D printing - a new favorite in 2014 CES

2014-01-08 15:04:32

As a new, emerging technology, 3D printing has aroused great attention all over the world these years. It is considered to be a new trend in the manufacturing sector.

China's trapped icebreaker makes successful escape

2014-01-07 19:29:39

The stranded Chinese icebreaker, Xuelong, broke through the Antarctic's heavy ice floes at about 6 pm on Tuesday and was headed for open water.

Icebreaker prepares for Antarctica breakout

2014-01-07 01:02:02

The trapped Chinese icebreaker Xuelong warmed up its engine and widened a path through the ice, preparing to break out of frozen floes in Antarctica.

New icebreaker planned by 2016: officials

2014-01-06 00:45:12

China expects to build its new icebreaker before 2016, government officials said, as the veteran Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, remains stuck in Antarctic ice after rescuing 52 passengers from a Russian vessel.

Xuelong waits for chance to break free

2014-01-06 00:30:33

Experts and scientists aboard Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, are planning three possible routes to take advantage of good weather from Monday to Wednesday, a senior official said.

Scientific researches undisturbed on stranded Chinese icebreaker

2014-01-05 21:59:32

Scientists aboard Chinese icebreaker Xuelong continued their researches in Antarctic on Sunday with even greater passion after the vessel was trapped by heavy floes a day earlier.

China to build new icebreaker

2014-01-05 16:56:18

China plans to build a new icebreaker for polar expeditions as its veteran Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, remains stuck in Antarctica after rescuing passengers from a Russian vessel.

China to take free navigation system global

2013-12-31 23:40:23

The world can expect to use China’s "reliable" global positioning and navigation services for free by 2020, the director of the country’s satellite navigation office said on Friday.

China's sharp-eyed science satellite goes live

2013-12-31 01:14:19

China's science community moved closer to its goal of a fully integrated system for making high-resolution observations of the Earth's surface from space on Monday, as the first satellite of that system was officially put into operation.

Bigger role considered in the Arctic

2013-12-30 00:51:38

China can play a bigger role in the increasingly ice-free Arctic, using its investment advantages and the size of its markets and labor force, but it is "far from becoming a power player in the Arctic".