China shaping up as 'even stronger powerhouse'

2015-09-10 07:52:19

The Chinese economy and its innovation capability are unquestionably "hot topics" in the world these days, said Francis Gurry, director-general of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

China aims to be first to land on far side of moon

2015-09-09 09:23:23

The far side of the moon, or "dark side of the moon" as it is more commonly called, is never visible to Earth because of gravitational forces.

China aims to land Chang'e-4 probe on far side of moon

2015-09-08 20:14:38

China is planning to be the first country to land a lunar probe on the far side of the moon

Boffins gather for biennial conference

2015-09-04 19:57:01

The 6th International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology attracted more than 1,300 researchers and industrial experts to Beijing from Thursday to Saturday.

China issues plan to promote 'three-network convergence'

2015-09-04 18:13:12

China's State Council released a plan on Friday promoting a nationwide project to deliver telecom, radio, television and Internet services over a single broadband connection.

China's lunar orbiter gets close-up pictures of the Moon

2015-09-03 00:02:01

China obtained detailed images of a planned Moon landing site on Wednesday, where a future Chang'e-5 mission is expected to conduct a soft landing and collect samples.

Overseas returnees tell of difficulties in starting their own businesses

2015-09-01 07:45:03

The top concern of those returning from overseas who want to start their own business in China is difficulty in dealing with local governments, a survey has found.

All certified GM foods on market 'are safe'

2015-08-29 07:17:59

All certified genetically modified foods that are sold on the Chinese market are safe, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Scientists develop exoskeletons

2015-08-28 08:31:01

Scientists in Jiangsu province say they have developed a flexible and controllable "suit" that moves as nimbly as a mind controls the limbs.

Startups vie for cash at festival

2015-08-26 07:45:14

The first Zhongguancun International Startups Festival kicked off in Beijing's Haidian district, in the hope of developing a Davos-like forum for innovators and startups in the capital's Internet hub.

China investing big in scientific research

2015-08-21 21:04:57

China's National Natural Science Foundation has funded 37,606 programs with an investment of 18.35 billion yuan (about 2.87 billion U.S. dollars) since the start of 2015, accounting for 80.2 percent of this year's funding plan.

Former Google employees find success with own company in Beijing

2015-08-21 16:22:47

Jeremy Zhou quit his job at Google in the US in 2008 with a vision to start his own IT company in China. Last year, with some bumps in the road, that vision became a reality. Today, with two other former Google staffers at his side, Zhou is basking in triumph.