China gains confidence in space development

2012-06-18 21:41:57

Chinese astronauts entered the country's orbiting space laboratory Tiangong-1 for the first time on Monday, and they will live and work there for about 10 days, paving the way for the construction of a space station around 2020.

Submersible Jiaolong set for second dive

2012-06-18 19:54:10

China's deep-sea submersible Jiaolong is expected to launch its second dive mission on Tuesday, if weather permits and the diving team is fully prepared.

Liu resigns as president of Legend Holdings

2012-06-18 19:51:43

Information technology guru Liu Chuanzhi resigned on June 18 as president of Legend Holdings Ltd, the parent company of the world's second-largest PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd, according to a statement released by Legend.

China's first manned space docking succeeds

2012-06-18 14:30:50

China's first manned space docking mission succeeded on Monday as the Shenzhou IX spaceship and Tiangong-1 space lab module joined together.

Astronauts set to settle into home away from home

2012-06-18 07:29:37

As Shenzhou IX successfully entered orbit on Saturday evening, China's astronauts started their space journey. What is their life like in space?

Female astronaut brings changes to space mission

2012-06-17 18:53:03

As a member of the crew for China's latest space docking mission, Liu Yang became the country's first female astronaut entering space when Shenzhou-9 blasted into space atop a Long March-2F rocket on Saturday evening.

Rocket designer expects more int'l cooperation

2012-06-17 15:18:13

A senior Chinese designer involved in preparations for Saturday's successful launch of Shenzhou-9, the country's fourth manned spaceship, has told Xinhua he expects more international input in future space missions.

China sends first female astronaut into space

2012-06-17 07:20:09

China's fourth manned spacecraft lifted off at 6:37 pm on Saturday, sending its first female astronaut into space and history. Chinese space station to benefit world Int'l cooperation in space program urged

UN official, experts call for int'l cooperation in space program

2012-06-17 08:48:22

China's space station will be an ideal international cooperation platform and the world is expecting China to escalate its space program.

Chinese space station to benefit world

2012-06-17 08:22:43

The successful launch of China's fourth manned spaceship paves the way for a future space station, which might subsequently benefits the world in space exploration.

Hu celebrates Shenzhou IX launch

2012-06-16 20:08:00

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Saturday congratulated the country's space scientists and astronauts on the successful launch of the Shenzhou IX manned spacecraft.

China launches spaceship with first female astronaut

2012-06-16 19:02:56

China launched Saturday Shenzhou IX spacecraft with the country's first female astronaut aboard.