China's new carrier rocket succeeds in first trip

2015-09-20 11:53:32

China successfully launched a new model of carrier rocket, Long March-6, which carried 20 micro-satellites into the space.

New and improved KuaiLePao fuel additives now available in Chinese stores

2015-09-19 21:56:44

A new and improved fuel additive that helps to keep engines clean and enable a better driving experience was released by the German chemical industry leader BASF in Beijing.

Expo displays novel high-tech products

2015-09-18 18:58:38

Visitors to the 3rd China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International High-Tech Expo in Mianyang, Sichuan province, were intrigued by a honeycomb made with a 3D printer.

China outperforms economic peers in latest global innovation index

2015-09-17 19:14:00

China outperformed its economic peers in the Global Innovation Index 2015 released on Thursday, demonstrating strength in some variables of the index including education, general infrastructure and knowledge impact.

Retired engineer finds cheap water-saving solution for toilets

2015-09-17 07:49:01

Jin Jiugao, a retired engineer with more than 40 years' experience of working in communication technology industries, has embarked on a new career, inventing water-saving devices for toilets.

China to give robot makers subsidies and funding

2015-09-16 19:58:13

Chinese robot makers are to benefit from favorable government policies to help boost development, said an industrial official at a China Robot Industry Development Summit in Chongqing.

New system catching Internet abuse in office

2015-09-16 09:15:57

A number of officials have been disciplined for using work time for online activities that were unrelated to their jobs.

8 regions selected as innovation zones

2015-09-16 09:13:57

China aims to build a long-term mechanism that could spur innovation and drive economic growth.

Human head transplants not distant, scientist says

2015-09-16 09:09:17

Advanced technology raises a host of ethical issues, including the future identities of patients

China launches HD observation satellite

2015-09-14 20:14:34

China on Monday launched its most sophisticated observation satellite, Gaofen-9, as part of the country's high-definition Earth observation project.

Former mystery site celebrates nuclear past

2015-09-14 07:58:02

An architectural complex that occupies 6,000 square meters on a mountainside in Beijing's Huairou district has long been a mystery for nearby residents.

AVIC begins work on new attack helicopter

2015-09-11 07:39:14

China has begun to develop a fourth-generation attack helicopter and expects to deliver it to the People's Liberation Army around 2020, according to Aviation Industry Corp of China.