Lunar probe to be launched Monday

2013-11-30 10:17:41

China will launch the Chang'e-3 lunar probe at 1:30 am Monday in Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the mission's launching headquarters said Saturday.

Narrow windows for China's lunar probe launch

2013-11-30 09:41:24

The launch of China's Chang'e-3 lunar probe, scheduled in early December, will have to target multiple narrow windows that last only minutes each, said a spokesman for the project Friday.

Backgrounder: China's 'triple jump' progress in lunar probes

2013-11-29 20:36:40

The upcoming Chang'e-3 mission will carry the first Chinese spacecraft to soft-land on and explore an extraterrestrial object.

Breakthrough sought in detention of HIV-carriers

2013-11-29 20:27:23

Breakthrough sought in detention of HIV-carriers

China pursues 'zero window' launch for lunar probe

2013-11-29 18:37:43

China will strive to launch its Chang'e-3 lunar probe at the optimal time within the launch window, the Xichang Satellite Launch Center said on Friday.

Fan base grows as project progresses

2013-11-27 06:38:01

China's lunar exploration program has made tremendous advances over the past decade, piquing the public's interest with its extraordinary expeditions.

First web monopoly case opened

2013-11-27 00:26:05

The Supreme People's Court heard the country's first Internet anti-monopoly case on Tuesday in which Qihoo 360 Technology Co, a leading antivirus software developer, accused China's Internet giant Tencent Inc of "abusing its dominant market position".

China readies moon rover mission

2013-11-27 00:18:02

China is counting down to the launch of its first lunar rover mission, which will blast off early next month.
Fan base grows as project progresses

Timeline of China's lunar program

2013-11-26 14:15:04

Chang'e-3, the spacecraft carrying China's rover to the moon, will be launched in early December.

Chang'e-2 lunar probe travels 60 million km

2013-11-26 13:37:53

Lunar probe Chang'e-2 is more than 60 million kilometers away from Earth and has become China's first man-made asteroid, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

Lunar program named after moon goddess of myth

2013-11-26 10:39:15

China's lunar exploration program is named after the mythological moon goddess, Chang'e.

China's first moon rover is Yutu

2013-11-26 09:27:16

China's first moon rover, to be launched in early December, is named "Yutu", or "jade rabbit" in Chinese, Li Benzheng, deputy commander-in-chief of the country's lunar exploration program, announced Tuesday morning.