China's robotic exoskeleton to be put into production

Updated: 2016-02-26 19:39


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CHENGDU -- A China-developed robotic exoskeleton, which can help disabled people to walk again, will be put into production this year, its developer announced Friday.

Chengdu-based Center for Robotics at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China has been developing robotic exoskeleton since 2010, which is a wearable robot that can be clasped on one's waist and legs to help with walking and movement.

The disabled torch bearer Lin Han had worn the robotic exoskeleton at the opening ceremony of the 6th National Special Olympics held in Chengdu last year.

"This new version is more sensitive to instructions thanks to its embedded motion sensors," said Huang Rui from the Center for Robotics.

It can assist those suffer from hemiplegia and limb paralysis with walking, according to Cheng Hong, executive director of the center.

"From mechanical and electric design to software research, all were independently developed by the center," said Cheng. "We hope to see our robotic exoskeleton used as part of medical rehabilitation."