Two foreign tourists kidnapped in Yemen

2013-05-28 03:01:14

Two foreign tourists were kidnapped in Yemen's central province of Taiz on Monday, an interior ministry official told Xinhua.

At least 18 killed in Baghdad car bombings

2013-05-28 00:05:13

At least 18 people were killed and 62 others wounded in six car bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Monday, an interior ministry source said.

Israel calls for resuming peace talks

2013-05-26 20:05:02

Israeli President Shimon Peres said on Sunday that it is possible for Israelis and Palestinians to overcome differences and skepticism and move ahead to attain peace.

Two rockets hit southern Beirut district -residents

2013-05-26 13:56:49

Two rockets hit a Hezbollah-controlled district in the southern part of Lebanon's capital on Sunday, residents said, wounding several people.

Abbas to form new Palestinian gov't within weeks

2013-05-26 08:57:29

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced Saturday that he intends to form a new government within two to three weeks, according to local media.

Syria willing to attend peace talks

2013-05-25 09:00:18

Russia said Damascus has agreed "in principle" to attend a conference proposed by Russia and the United States on ending Syria's civil conflict.

Central prison of Aleppo hit by rebels

2013-05-24 16:14:18

A Syrian military source said Thursday that the rebels have shelled the central prison in Syria's Aleppo, killing many prisoners and injuring others.

Obama discusses Syria with senior Russian official

2013-05-23 15:13:51

Obama on Wednesday discussed with visiting Russian Security Council Secretary the need for a negotiated settlement of Syria.

UNSC urged to end 'provocations' by Israel

2013-05-23 10:20:52

Palestine has asked the UN Security Council to press Israel to end its "provocations", including restricting access to holy sites in East Jerusalem.

IAEA report indicative of Iran's nuclear progress

2013-05-23 07:33:11

The recent report of the UN nuclear watchdog about Iranian nuclear program is an indicative of the country's progress and achievements.

Iran expands nuclear enrichment capability: IAEA

2013-05-23 07:17:50

Iran further expanded its nuclear enrichment capability by installing hundred advanced centrifuges in a uranium enrichment plant.

US wants transitional govt in Syria to end crisis

2013-05-23 06:39:59

The foreign ministers of "Friends of Syria" nations said Wednesday that they want a transitional government in Syria that does not include current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.