Photo Stories

Monkeys enjoy Christmas feast in Zhengzhou

Monkeys living in the Zhengzhou Zoo now can get in the Christmas spirit by enjoying a treat of fruits and candies on the Christmas trees.

Helping to keep the peace

The People's Liberation Army, which regards safeguarding world peace and promoting common prosperity as important missions, has been actively undertaking peacekeeping tasks, disaster relief as well as anti-terrorist operations.

Asboy inherits his dad's brutality

The son of vicious swan Mr Asbo is following in his father's footsteps by terrorising punters on the River Cam in Cambridge during the peak summer season.

A personalized movie experience

A cinema named "Amy 1895" with personalized screening rooms opened in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province. Customers can pick rooms and films based on their mood.


Mega projects undertaken in 2011-2015

Throughout China, ambitious projects with multibillion-dollar price tags are underway during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. One of the world's largest bridges and biggest airports. The longest gas pipeline and water diversion route. Among others, these projects showcase China's engineering prowess and project its economic might.

In pictures: Highlights of Nanjing Youth Olympics

Highlights of Nanjing Youth Olympics

When life gives you lemons

A total of 80 lemon statues with different gestures and facial expressions were on display in Shanghai.

Beijing's street singer never lets you down

Every night from 7pm till around midnight, any Beijinger who craves for a moment of music, can go and enjoy an open-air concert at the southeast corner outside a shopping mall of the city.