UK government opts for new Heathrow runway

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's government announced today it backing a new third runway at London's Heathrow Airport, in which China Investment Corp. has a 10% stake.

China's business leaders optimistic about UK

Chinese business leaders remain overwhelmingly optimistic about Britain as a good place to start a new business, according to a survey published this week.

Post-90s Vietnamese woman becomes a Shanghai model

Nguyen Thi Hanh Thu, born in Vietnam in 1994, does modeling in Shanghai.

Apple sees nearly 30% decline in revenue in China

Apple saw a nearly 30% decline in its China revenue in the latest quarter ending in September, as the US tech giant continues to struggle with tumbling iPhone sales.

UK wine school targets connoisseurs in HK

The UK's largest wine education institution is setting up its first ever international branch in Hong Kong to support China's surging demand for wine knowledge.

Brazil World Cup-winning captain Carlos Alberto dies

Tributes have poured in for Brazil World Cup-winning captain Carlos Alberto Torres, who died on Tuesday at the age of 72.

Workers wield sledgehammers to tear down Calais 'Jungle'

French workers began demolishing the "Jungle" shanty town in Calais on Tuesday as their former residents - migrants seeking entry to Britain - were moved out.

Tibet mandala: The beautiful world in a grain of sand

Mandala, an exquisite religious art of Tibetan Buddhism, has been well preserved since it was first introduced to Tibet.

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New 'eyes' on pandas

Smart cameras support human patrols as conservation efforts nurture the population of wild giant pandas.

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Huawei earns Europe's trust with excellence in high-tech

With sales in the continent growing, Huawei is set to meet its 2016 target of 140 million handsets.

China's largest desert freshwater lake under threat

China's largest desert freshwater lake is in danger of drying up, experts have warned.

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