Brrrrr: Ice Bucket Challenge grips Beijing
  • 1,000 cult members arrested in 500 cases since June

    Police have arrested 1,000 "Church of Almighty God" members in connection with more than 500 cases since June, when the Ministry of Public Security initiated a nationwide special campaign to attack the cult, the ministry said on Thursday.

  • Expats asked to share their visions for a better China

    Besides contributing to technological, economic and cultural exchanges, foreign experts in China are encouraged to participate in the central government's policy-making process by giving recommendations.

  • 120 celebrities on police anti-drug list

    The Beijing police have obtained a list containing 120 celebrities suspected of drug abuse including Jaycee Chan, son of super Kongfu star Jackie Chan.


Anti-monopoly actions unlikely to affect Swiss companies


Lovely animals escape scorching heat


Daredevil diners hop along to rabbit restaurants


British Museum to stage major Ming Dynasty exhibition
  • The Great Wall poorly preserved

    The preservation status of the Great Wall is "not optimistic", a Chinese expert has said, highlighting irresponsible industrial development and a lack of funds.

  • Athletes practice calligraphy in Nanjing

    Athletes of the Netherlands show their calligraphy works in the Chinese traditional culture room at the Youth Olympic Village in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province.

  • Xinjiang cinema applies age ratings

    A cinema in Urumqi, capital of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, has begun refusing children entry to films it deems unsuitable for minors.


Entertainment weekly photos: Aug 16 - 22

Rebuilding lives

Four years on, residents of quake-hit Yushu are receiving support to recover from the disaster but more is needed.

Horrific nightmare at Kunshan factory

Communities, doctors rush to help as blast kills more than 70 workers.

Shaolin: Fists of fame

More than 2,000 foreigners who head to Shaolin Temple every year to learn kung fu.

Reading into an online age

Physical bookstores in China look set to live out their last days even as their cyber counterparts
expand on the back of imported off erings.

China helps fight international war on drugs

Crackdown on terrorist attacks

While China is knitting an anti-terrorist security network, the nation still needs to prepare its people to fight the war on terror, thereby mobilizing its most powerful weapon.

My China Story: Meeting the master

Adventures can happen to you anywhere: when you are away from home, when you are walking on the street, or they can come with a curious encounter, in my case, for example.

Long march to end employment bias

This special sheds light on employment discrimination in China, including how job ads specify gender and age preferences and recent discrimination cases in China.

Variety is the spice of academic life

Documents prove the truth can't be buried

Newly deciphered Japanese wartime archives offer fresh evidence of atrocities committed by Japanese troops during the invasion of China.

Race to remember story of resistance

As next year's 70th anniversary of China's victory in the war against the Japanese approaches, historians and local residents are rediscovering the history of the shadowy group whose members were Hong Kong's only defenders during the occupation.

Strait talking: From enemy to friend

For almost 40 years, a succession of rival "frontier broadcasters" fought for dominance of the airways across the Taiwan Straits. Later, some of the main players became firm friends. Peng Yining reports from Xiamen, Fujian province.

US Ebola patients discharge from hospital

Two American aid workers discharged from an Atlanta hospital after being treated for Ebola pose no health risk to the public, the doctors say.

IBM server sales 'never stopped'

IBM Corp's partnership with Chinese banks remains active despite reports that said Big Blue's products were ousted from the industry over security concerns, according to the United States company.

Obama declines Ice Bucket Challenge

US President Barack Obama won't be taking part in the ice bucket challenge that is sweeping America to raise money and awareness for ALS.

Hungary to send ammo to Iraq

Hungary says that as a member of the EU and NATO, it will send ammunitions to Iraq, free of charge, to assist the fight against terrorism there.


Europe map dotted with Huawei R&D
  • Free-trade area gets big dose of medicine

    German healthcare operator and medical product provider Artemed Group said on July 22 that it would set up a hospital in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

  • Promoting the modern Mersey beat

    In 19th century, when the first batch of Chinese immigrants arrived in Europe by sea, many headed for Liverpool in northwest England, creating what is still considered the continent's oldest Chinese community.

  • The British PM who loved China

    Visitors now have the opportunity to visit the former home of Sir Edward Heath, the prime minister who famously was instrumental in establishing full diplomatic relationship between the UK and China.


Big job cleaning Big Ben
  • Hungary to send ammo to Iraq

    Hungary says that as a member of the EU and NATO, it will send ammunitions to Iraq, free of charge, to assist the fight against terrorism there.

  • 2 Air Force jets collide in Italy

    Two Air Force tornado jets collided in midair and crashed into wooded hills while on a training mission in central Italy, local authorities said on Tuesday.

  • WHO: Ebola killed more than 1,200

    The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 1,200 people and more than 2,200 have been sickened since it began in December 2013.


National Guard to withdraw from Ferguson
  • Joint efforts blunt ISIL's advance

    US airstrikes and military assistance to Iraqi and Kurdish security forces have stalled the advance of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) forces around Erbil, Iraq.

  • US Ebola patients discharge

    Two American aid workers discharged from an Atlanta hospital after being treated for Ebola pose no health risk to the public, an Emory University Hospital doctor said on Thursday.

  • Venezuela's president pays visit to Fidel Castro

    Castro's "Reflections" column posted Wednesday night on the official website CubaDebate said Venezuela's socialist leader dropped by Tuesday, fulfilling a promise to make a visit that Maduro made Aug 13 as Castro turned 88.


Western Sydney beats Guangzhou 1-0 in 1st leg
  • Riding the comeback trail

    Zara Phillips, one of the world's best-known equestrians, is charging along the comeback trail and has her sights set on performing well at the FEI World Equestrian Games eventing event next week.

  • Suarez pledges to not bite again

    Contrite striker vows to keep teeth to himself from now on. Luis Suarez is ready to put his biting days behind him.

The Ebola outbreak
  • Devil finds homework for kids' hands

    With the new school session approaching, students who have not completed (and perhaps even not touched) their homework have found an easy solution to their problem: using the Internet to get their homework done for a certain price.

  • Balance Tibet's development with eco-protection

    The Chinese central government's unflinching stand has been that the Tibet autonomous region should implement tailor-made development policies. In the late 1950s, Tibet went through democratic reforms that ended serfdom in the territory.

  • Being Chinese away from China

    That many Chinese students have rediscovered the meaning of being Chinese while being away from home could be one of the unintended - but valuable and profound - consequences of their overseas experience.


The best beaches close to you
  • Bid to attract more visitors from abroad

    China is aiming to attract more overseas tourists by expanding a 72-hour visa-free policy for foreigners and launching more promotional websites in a variety of languages.

  • Doraemon exhibition kicks off in Chengdu

    A Doraemon exhibition is held in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province. A hundred and two life-size Doraemon figures, each of which bearing a distinct secret gadget, are displayed.

  • Tholing Monastery in Tibet

    Tholing means 'hovering in the sky forever' in Tibetan, and this indicates the imposing position occupied by the monastery.

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