Typhoon leaves death and chaos in its path
  • Number of young bachelors to soar after 2020

    The Chinese population has lost its gender balance, with the male population far outnumbering the female population. Experts predict that the number of Chinese bachelors will likely soar after 2020.

  • Parents laud study trips for students

    To prepare children for long-term study overseas, increasing numbers of Chinese parents send their children on brief foreign study trips during summer breaks.

  • Handling of bullies varies at home, overseas

    Three students accused of abducting and torturing a fellow Chinese classmate in a brutal case of campus bullying in the United States have put a spotlight on the way students attempt to resolve disputes, both overseas and in China.


Self-drive holidaymakers spend more
  • Li: China will meet main goals

    The premier made the remarks while addressing a reception marking the 66th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

  • Global travel becoming the 'normal'

    Second and third-tier cities are catching up with big cities in terms of outbound travel, a report of World Tourism Cities Federation shows.

  • Minimum down payment lowered

    The central bank and banking regulator said they would be lowering minimum down payments for first-time home buyers to 25% in cities that do not have restrictions on purchases.


Xinjiang man fights stereotypes with lens
  • Over and through the hoops

    A public servant's passion for horses put him on an unlikely seven-year odyssey that took him to the Olympic Games.

  • Down middle path is best way to a great degree

    The BBC's three-episode experiment with Chinese-style teaching did not so much set off the spark as fan the flame, which is the intermittent and often heated discourse on the merits, or more accurately lack thereof, of the traditional way of Chinese education.

  • Media apps making headlines

    It is extremely difficult to find an empty room at the Beijing offices of, a mobile news application.


The making of mapo tofu
  • 11 cold noodles for hot summer days

    As your thoughts shift to milk shakes and frozen cocktails, don't forget simple cold noodle dishes, which are widely available in restaurants. They are also easy to cook and delicious eaten straight out of the fridge.

  • Claws for thought

    With summer here, freshwater crayfish - known in Chinese as xiaolongxia, or little lobsters - will be scuttling their way to tables nationwide.

  • The sweet smell of food & flowers

    You do not have to go far to stumble on a coffee shop whose main accoutrement is flowers or to come across a banquet decked with beautiful bunches of the best that nature has to offer.


Audiobooks: A new trend for Chinese readers


The children's maestro
  • Jet Li attends charity gala in HK

    Kung fu star Jet Li has made a rare public appearance in Hong Kong to attend a star-studded charity gala on the opening night of Hong Kong Fashion Week.

  • Zhang Mi out with 'Blue Dream'

    Chinese singer-songwriter Zhang Mi released a new song, Blue Dream, in Beijing recently. Chinese pop group NZBZ is heard rapping in her song.

Brexit or not, China doesn't care either way

Britain and China are now entering what is being hailed by both sides as a golden era in relations.

Stepping up

China has a new mission: Upgrade manufacturing processes to become leader in innovation.

Rural families still hope for male heirs

Rachel Murphy says the preference for couples to have sons in rural China still remains very strong.

Blue skies over Beijing ... for now

Seeing a blue sky in Beijing has been regarded as luxury in recent years because of air pollution, but in the past few months the smog has largely disappeared from the Chinese capital.

V-Day parade for 70th WWII anniversary

Tianjin blasts: Death, damage and bravery

NE China: From powerhouse to poor relation

The northeast was once China's industrial heartland, but a decline in manufacturing have resulted in a rapidly aging society as young people move south to look for a better work.

Worlds apart in a different class

In the past few decades, China's rise to international prominence has prompted questions about the merits of the national education system compared with those used in the West.

Road map points way for new industrial cluster

An action plan to weld three major population centers into a single economic entity to promote stronger growth and tackle 'urban diseases'.

Plan to teach pupils practical skills welcome

The aim of school education is not only to impart bookish knowledge to students, but also to teach them the basic skills to better adapt to life and society.

Civility strikes back

Many are using new apps not only to save money, but also to bond with each other at a time when it seems technology is driving us apart.

Changing color of China's blue-collar workers

I remember when I was a kid, many parents with similar background would warn their children: "You must study hard; otherwise you would end up in the factory like us."

British boy, 15, gets life sentence over Anzac Day attack plot

A 15-year-old boy, thought to be the youngest Briton to be convicted of a terrorism offence, was given a life sentence on Friday for inciting an attack on a World War One commemorative event in Australia.

Hot spots impose caps on visitor numbers during holiday period

More than 532 million domestic trips are expected to be made from Oct 1 to 7 and a range of measures are being rolled out to ensure happy vacations.

Initiative looks to UK maritimes services

London's maritime services firms are closely watching for new business opportunities created by China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Movies Midas touch anticipated amid economic slowdown

The world's second-largest movie market grossed about 32 billion yuan from more than 320 movies in the first nine months of 2015.


Britain is an environment exemplar for China


Shell pulls the plug on Arctic exploration
  • EU, China sign key partnership on 5G

    The European Union (EU) on Monday announced that it has signed a key agreement with China on the "fifth generation" of telecommunications systems, or 5G.

  • UK nuclear industry has high hopes

    Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is expected to finalize decision on planned nuclear power station during his China trip.

  • Beer flows at Munich's Oktoberfest

    Millions of beer drinkers from around the world will come to the Bavarian capital over the next two weeks for the 182nd Oktoberfest, which runs until October 4, 2015.


Russia, US agree to cooperate in solving Syria crisis: Russian FM


Chinese skipper sets new record with fastest Arctic voyage
  • The sky is not falling on China's economy

    In the short and medium terms, any significant growth in aggregate demand must come from investment in public infrastructure and commodity consumption.

  • Strategic vows for stable bilateral ties

    China-US cooperation on such issues as climate change, nonproliferation, the refugee crisis, defusing regional tensions and clean energy bode well for a "new model of major-country relationship".

  • Turning grey into gold

    With the right preparation, we can benefit from a golden generation of healthy, wealthy and active older persons.


Stunning scenery of Tianchi Lake
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