EU provides additional aid to Syria

2013-05-13 07:38:56

The European Commission announced on Sunday an additional 65 million euros ($84.5 million) in humanitarian aid to war-torn Syria.

Turkey says Syria was behind car bombings

2013-05-13 07:07:48

Turkey believes fighters loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were behind two car bombings that killed 46 people in a Turkish border town where thousands of Syrian refugees live.

M6.2 quake hits southern Iran

2013-05-11 15:17:23

At least 15 people were injured when an earthquake jolted southern Iran early Saturday, leaving hundreds of buildings destroyed.

China plays greater role in Middle East

2013-05-08 19:21:18

The fact that the Palestinian and Israeli leaders for the first time paid successive visits to China has drawn worldwide notice.

Israeli forces detain top Palestinian cleric

2013-05-08 16:54:52

Israeli police detained on Wednesday the Palestinians' top Muslim religious leader from his Jerusalem home, a day after a scuffle between Palestinians and Israelis outside the city's main al-Aqsa mosque.

Iran set to launch joint rail corridor project

2013-05-08 16:15:32

An Iranian railway official said that Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan will inaugurate a joint rail project in the coming days.

Hamas represses pro-Syria rally in Gaza

2013-05-08 11:36:17

The Hamas police on Tuesday repressed a rally held in southern Gaza in protest of recent Israeli airstrikes against Syria.

Iran starts process to find next president

2013-05-08 08:49:52

Iranian authorities opened the registration process on Tuesday for candidates in the June 14 presidential vote that will pick a successor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Netanyahu 'closes the circle' in Shanghai

2013-05-08 07:38:33

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut the ribbon for a coffee shop on Tuesday.

China calls for political dialogue in Syria

2013-05-07 20:57:43

China calls for all relevant parties in Syria to launch political dialogue and carry out political transition as soon as possible.

Iran presidency candidates to step forward, finally

2013-05-07 11:21:21

Few Iranian presidential elections have been so unpredictable but the next few days will at least narrow down who will stand in the ballot on June 14.

Israel prepares for eventuality of war: ex-official

2013-05-07 10:07:15

Recent airstrikes on Syria carried out by Israel are not likely to spark an imminent war anytime soon, but Israel has to make full preparations of eventuality of war anytime.