74 killed in traffic accidents across Turkey during religious holiday

2015-07-20 10:18:11

At least 74 people were killed and 375 others injured in traffic accidents across Turkey during the four-day long Eid al-Fitr holiday, private Dogan News Agency reported on Sunday.

IS claims responsibility for suicide bomb attack in Iraq's Diyala

2015-07-18 21:15:07

The Islamic State (IS) militant group on Saturday claimed responsibility for Friday's huge suicide truck bomb explosion at a busy marketplace in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala.

IS claims Riyadh suicide bombing

2015-07-18 08:07:59

A suicide bomber wounded two policemen at a checkpoint near a high-security prison in the Saudi capital of Riyadh in an attack claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group.

Medical care halted by Israeli blockade

2015-07-18 08:07:59

The suffering of Wa'el Erief's family in Gaza continues to mount as they can do nothing but watch his health deteriorate day by day, unable to take him to a hospital abroad for treatment.

Chinese FM hopes Iranian nuke deal opens up new prospects for China-Iran co-op

2015-07-15 21:36:53

Wang Yi says that the traditional friendship and highly complementary economic ties between China and Iran are the basis of the cooperation between the two countries.

Iran deal to pressure DPRK's nuke program: Seoul

2015-07-15 21:30:36

Top policymaker in charge of inter-Korean relations in the Republic of Korea (ROK) says the nuclear deal sealed between Iran and six world powers would have a pressuring effect on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s nuclear program.

China to play key role in modification of Iran's Arak heavy water reactor

2015-07-15 21:11:49

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday said China would play an important role in the modification of Iran' s Arak heavy water reactor.

Iran's nuclear program shifts from confrontation to scientific activities: FM

2015-07-15 19:44:24

With the recent nuclear deal between Iran and the world major powers, the nuclear program of the country will shift from confrontation to scientific and commercial activities, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said here on Wednesday.

Chinese FM urges all to honor nuke deal promises

2015-07-15 17:30:23

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday urged all parties involved in the Iranian nuclear deal to honor the promises they made in the landmark agreement.

Iran nuclear deal hailed as landmark event for regional stability

2015-07-15 09:37:59

Algeria and Lebanon both hailed the nuclear deal reached between Iran and six world powers in Vienna on Tuesday, local media reported.

Iranian nuclear deal set to increase trade with China

2015-07-15 07:11:54

Teheran and six world powers reached a historic nuclear deal in Vienna, Austria, on Tuesday that will enable a revitalized sanction-free Iran to boost trade and cooperation with China, analysts said.

Iran's Rouhani hails nuclear deal

2015-07-14 21:30:30

The nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers is a new chapter in the relations between Iran and the International community, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says.