Kerry extends Mideast peace mission

2013-06-30 17:25:58

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday evening started his third meeting in 48 hours with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Foreign soldier dies in E Afghanistan

2013-06-28 14:52:51

One soldier of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) died in eastern Afghanistan on Friday.

12 killed in Iraq bomb attacks

2013-06-28 05:49:08

At least 12 people were killed and 56 others wounded in separate bomb attacks against cafes in Iraq on Thursday, the police said.

Iran's Rouhani vows expansion of ties with China

2013-06-27 05:51:30

Iran's President-elect Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that expansion of relations with China will be one of the priorities of his administration, Press TV reported.

Turkish PM lashes out at protesters

2013-06-26 09:37:40

Turkish police on Tuesday detained at least 20 people allegedly involved in violent protests, as the country's prime minister continued to lash out at protesters.

Russia, US disagree plan for Syria talks

2013-06-26 06:17:05

Talks between the United States and Russia to set up a Syrian peace conference produced no deal on Tuesday, with the powers on either side of the two-year civil war failing to agree when it should be held or who would be invited.

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza

2013-06-24 16:45:13

Israeli war jets on Monday morning launched a series of airstrikes on militants' targets in the Gaza Strip ruled by Islamic Hamas movement in response to rocket attacks. No injuries reported.

Islam gather for Sha'abaniya pilgrimage in Kerbala

2013-06-24 10:09:27

Sha'abaniya is a ritual marking the birth of Mohammed al-Mahdi, the 12th Shi'ite imam and a revered figure in Shi'ite Islam.

7 policemen killed in Afghan roadside bombing

2013-06-24 00:33:59

Seven members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) were killed Sunday when an ALP mobile was struck by a roadside bombing in the country's southern province of Uruzgan, said an official.

Iraq attacks kill more than 30

2013-06-23 10:19:28

A suicide bomber blew himself up in northern Baghdad killing at least 12 people during evening prayers, in the deadliest of a series of attacks that claimed more than 30 lives across Iraq.

Protesters clash with policemen in Istanbul

2013-06-23 04:00:03

About 5,000 protesters clashed with about 2,000 policemen in downtown Istanbul on Saturday evening.

11 people killed in Iraq's violence

2013-06-23 03:19:23

Eleven people were killed and 21 wounded in separate shootings and bombings in northern and central Iraq, police said on Saturday.