Israel returns fire after gunshots from Syria

2013-05-21 17:26:57

The Israeli military fired missiles into Syria after its troops got shot on a patrol near the Syrian frontier on the Golan Heights.

Iran to host meeting on Syria on May 29

2013-05-21 16:45:25

The Islamic republic will host a meeting on the Syrian crisis on May 29, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman announced on Tuesday.

95 killed in Syria's al-Qussair battles

2013-05-21 04:05:08

A total of 95 people, including 23 Hezbollah members, have been killed in an intense fighting in Syria's central city of al-Qussair over the past 48 hours.

9 killed in attacks against mosques in Iraq

2013-05-21 03:00:13

At least nine people were killed and 53 others wounded in bombing attacks against two Shiite mosques in Iraq's southern city of Hilla on Monday, a police source said.

13 killed, 72 wounded in Iraq car bombings

2013-05-20 16:30:35

At least 13 people were killed and 72 wounded in a series of car bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and the southern city of Basra on Monday.

More Israeli attacks inside Syria possible: Israel

2013-05-20 10:26:47

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held out the prospect on Sunday of further Israeli strikes inside Syria.

Iran's Guard warns against polls unrest

2013-05-20 10:23:53

A senior commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guard has warned that his forces will be on watch for possible unrest after next month's presidential election.

Syrian clash centers on rebel-held town Qusair

2013-05-20 10:23:22

Opposition says new assaults may render peace efforts 'meaningless'.

Car bomb kills 8, injures 10 in Damascus

2013-05-19 06:44:30

At least three people were killed and five others wounded when a car bomb ripped through Damascus' district of Ruken Addien Saturday night, Syria's state TV said.

Roadside bomb killing 4 in Damascus

2013-05-18 23:36:49

A roadside bomb went off near a church in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Saturday, killing four people, witnesses told Xinhua.

Bombers target markets, mosque in Iraq

2013-05-17 11:05:40

Bombs tore through markets in Baghdad and a suicide attacker blew himself up in a mosque in northern Iraq in violence across the country that killed at least 25 people.

Bombs kill more than 35 across Iraq

2013-05-16 10:21:40

Bomb attacks in Shi'ite areas of Baghdad and in N Iraq killed more than 35 people, following weeks of violence by Sunni Islamist insurgents determined to unleash sectarian confrontation.