Triple blasts target Syrian interior ministry

2012-12-13 04:25:30

At least three people were killed and another 20 injured when triple blasts targeted the main gate of Syria's interior ministry in the capital Damascus on Wednesday evening, local media said, adding that the death toll is preliminary.

UN chief oppose arrest of Malian prime minister

2012-12-12 16:02:18

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council on Tuesday spoke out against the arrest of Cheick Modibo Diarra, the Malian prime minister.

Mali's PM steps down following arrest by junta

2012-12-12 08:20:47

Mali's prime minister resigned on state television early on Tuesday, hours after soldiers who led a recent coup burst into his home and arrested him.

Clinton cancels Middle East trip because of ill health

2012-12-11 13:30:43

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has canceled her trip to Morocco this week for a meeting on the future of Syria's opposition because of a stomach virus.

Hamas chief wraps up 4-day visit to Gaza

2012-12-11 10:17:29

The politburo chief of Islamic Hamas movement Khaled Meshaal concluded a four-day visit to the Gaza Strip, the coastal enclave which Hamas has been controlling since 2007.

Ending Syria crisis politically possible

2012-12-10 15:20:24

The UN Syria envoy said Sunday senior US and Russian diplomats agreed it is still possible to restore peace in the conflict-torn country politically.

Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan to hold trilateral summit

2012-12-10 14:26:04

Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan will hold a seventh edition of a trilateral summit, which kicks off on Wednesday.

Lightning strikes world's tallest skyscraper

2012-12-10 10:15:38

The spire of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is struck by lightning. The bolt of lightning hit the 828 meter high structure in Dubai in November.

Doha talks end with slight progress

2012-12-09 23:51:44

The two-week UN climate conference in Doha ended after 24 hours of extended negotiations with a package of "disappointing but acceptable" deals.

Over 150,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon: UN

2012-12-09 14:30:47

There are over 150,000 Syrian refugees who have fled the bloody conflict in their home country for Lebanon, UN figures showed Saturday.

Israel's Olmert says country facing isolation

2012-12-09 14:09:37

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert said on Saturday that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu was taking Israel into unprecedented isolation with its policy on Jewish settlements.

Egypt president scraps decree that sparked protests

2012-12-09 14:04:56

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has cancelled a decree that gave him sweeping powers and sparked deadly violence.